SEO is a crucial aspect of online marketing. However, it’s not surprising that even the biggest companies find themselves struggling to rank their websites. To be noticed online, your website needs to rank highly in search engines. Therefore, you need to optimize your website correctly according to the latest trends.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Why isn’t my website ranking in Google?” Who doesn’t want to have higher rankings in Google but don’t know how? This article tells you exactly why your site isn’t ranking and how to fix it.

Reasons Why Isn’t My Website Ranking in Google…Plus Tips to Fix Them

Ranking Issue 1: Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a problem when you want a search engine to know what pages are about a particular topic, so don’t wonder this question “Why isn’t my website ranking?” This issue is usually caused by having multiple versions of your website indexed by Google. In the case of duplicate content, Google attempts to determine the most “authoritative” page by identifying the best version of the canonical page.

Assuming you have a page named index.html and then another page named index_old.html, the old page might be indexed as canonical. To fix this, make the new version of the site canonical.

With no canonical set, Google indexes this page as if there were no other page versions available. In reality, there are many other versions of this page available, including external links.

Ranking Issue 2: No Social Media Activity

You should be active on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube if you’re trying to boost your online presence and SEO. All four of the sites are extremely popular platforms. In addition, each site offers analytics that shows.

Social signals tell Google what to pay attention to. In this case, the social media accounts tell Google what web pages get clicked by users. This lets Google know which pages rank highest. These pages then take up the first place on search results.

Ranking Issue 3: You’re Not Utilizing Google My Business

If you aren’t already using Google My Business, it’s time to get started. You are going to miss out on several opportunities if you ignore them. Registering with Google helps boost your site’s rankings, keeps your information fresh and current, and lets them know you want to work together.

Search engines will prioritize your business listing on Google Maps based on the data presented by Google. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’ve optimized that data as much as possible.

Ranking Issue 4: Inconsistent Content

Content marketing is becoming more prevalent. Blogs and other forms of online content are being produced at a much faster pace than ever before. As such, there’s been a shift in thinking about how often you should post content. Many companies now publish content weekly or even daily. In addition, SEO professionals recommend that web admins focus on optimizing content for both short-term and long-term gains.

Post at least 2 or 3 new blog posts per week. You want to regularly post because it keeps you in front of your prospects and keeps you on their minds for those who already know you. Content always stays relevant even if the subject matter changes. A constant flow of content shows your customers that you’re still in the game.</