Google just announced its newest algorithm upgrade called BERT.

The release of Google BERT upgrade was announced on October 24, 2019. Google reported that it has been rolling out the new update for the past few days.

According to the release, Google says that this new update will affect 10% of all search queries, which implies this is among the largest Google updates of the last 5 years!

BERT means “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers” as well as is a “neural network-based method for natural language processing (NLP) pre-training” …

Does that sound complicated enough?

Do not stress over the technical mumbo jumbo; this post will explain it in plain English.

 The Google BERT Update Explained

At its core, this update is concentrated on translating the intent of search questions better. It’s basically an improvement for machine learning.

Rather than taking a look at the customer’s search question on a word by word basis, BERT allows Google to analyze the whole phrase much better to give the searcher much more accurate return of the results.

Mild alterations or even basic words in a search question can considerably change the search intent. With this new update, Google is getting better at analyzing what individuals are really trying to find when they search.

Google laid out a few examples in their news:.

Example 1

In this example, Google shows how the search engine result modification when translating when a user is searching for details about traveling to the US vs. from the United States.


Example 2

In this example, Google formerly recognized words “stand” and also matched it with “stand-alone” which was the inaccurate variation of the word for this query.


Rather, the searcher is concentrated on the physical needs of the task, so with Google BERT, Google translates the query more precisely.

As you can see, the outcomes alter based upon a far better analysis of what the searcher is in fact searching for.

What Does This Mean For Your Website And SEO?

The most significant thing to try to find is if there are any kind of adjustments in your traffic in the