Video marketing has been playing a great part in the digital community. More businesses invest in video marketing to reach out to their target audience and increase brand awareness. Yet, how good are these videos? Well, they don’t have to be perfect. The main intention of video marketing is to connect with your customer base and prospects. As long as the video tells your story well enough, the viewers will be able to see why it is important to them and make a personal connection with the message.

With this in mind, you should start using video in your business’ marketing strategy. Videos allow you to connect with customers better and provide an easy way to share information. You’ll also get more chances to create more engaging content than other types of content. This article is about how you can tap video marketing to scale your business.

18 Ways How Video Marketing Can Help Your Business

Besides staying ahead of the competition, you can also implement an effective video marketing strategy to benefit your business by getting more customers. Here are other benefits of video marketing for your business.

Because Google Loves It

Videos help you get more traffic and boost your rankings. Your video is more likely to appear first on Google if you embed a video on your website. Google now owns Youtube, so there has been an increase in how much videos affect your search engine rank. Optimize your videos on Youtube for SEO.

Write an interesting title and description. Add a link to your website, products, or services. Give potential customers a chance to take action. Explore the world of the interactive to encourage actions even further. Google loves to rank its website first for a variety of keywords. They’ll put you below the fold when you try to rank your website higher than theirs. You need to create content if you want to get ahead.

Because Video Is More Popular among Smartphone Users

Mobile goes hand in hand with video. Ninety percent of consumers use their phones to watch videos. Mobile video viewing increases by 100% each year. YouTube says mobile video consumption grows by 100%. Smartphone owners are twice as likely as television viewers and 1.4x as likely as desktop viewers to connect personally to brands that show video on their devices. Brands need to consider what people see when watching the latter videos on their phones. Please give them a better choice in the video content they consume.

Better Conversion Rates

It is a powerful tool when used appropriately. For example, you can place a short and engaging video on a landing page, and people are more likely to watch it. In addition, the conversion rate is raised by 80%, while including a video in an email boosts the click-through rate up to 300%.

Video content creates immense value for your business. By adding a product video on a landing page, you can significantly increase the conversion rate by 80%. Studies even show that 74% of the prospects watching the product video have purchased the product. These facts prove that video converts more customers than any other form of content. Consumers also say that video content gives you the confidence to make an offline purchase.

Product demo videos help users understand what your product or service does. A business owner must use video content for marketing purposes. However, if your business isn’t utilizing video content for a marketing campaign, you may be missing out on an incredible opportunity to increase sales.

Better Customer Rapport

Videos help you improve customer relationships and build trust with potential customers. A video beats out other media because it evokes emotions more effectively. People prefer watching videos over reading text. Videos also beat out other media because they’re harder to turn off than text. You can utilize videos to humanize your brand, and it can help you build trust with customers.

Better Customer Engagement

Videos have an extremely high social media share potential. Using the word “video” as the subject line can boost your open rates by 13%. In addition, sharing a social video increases Internet users’ engagement by 33%, while simply using the word “video’ in the subject line can help you reach more people.

Video content marketing is an excellent way for businesses to communicate with customers. When you make a short video, it grabs people’s attention and explains your business. A perfect 60-second television commercial has the power to get people to take some kind of action. However, video marketers must also be aware of what humans can feel. Perfect marketing videos must be engaging, emotional, and entertaining. It should also include information about the product or service being offered.

Your content should be shareable. You need to make sure your type of content is well written and easy to understand. Also, people want to see other people sharing your videos. So, always try to create great content that other people want to share!

Better Return on Investment

Your video marketing effort gives a good return because it increases your brand awareness, trustworthiness, and customer satisfaction. However, it would help to consider using video marketing strategies as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Video production is becoming very easy now, and smartphones already make great cameras. So you can shoot great quality videos now using your smartphone! In addition, online video editing tools are getting better, and they’re becoming cheaper.

Your informative videos don’t have to include any fancy effects to win viewers’ attention. Instead, people prefer creative videos that show off the product, feature interesting facts about it, or help them solve a problem.

Video marketing is more effective than other forms of marketing because companies can get better results as long as they invest their time wisely. This survey backs up this point by stating that most people are happy with the returns of using video marketing strategies.

Video marketing campaigns should be considered an investment because they will bring profits to your company in the long run. Not only do you get better customer service and lower costs but also sales.

Better Search Engine Ranking

Video content is very important for SEO. Having business videos on your website gives you a great opportunity to improve your search ranking. YouTube is the most popular for watching videos online among social media platforms. People spend more than 5 hours per day watching different videos on YouTube. Your visitors will stay longer if they watch a video on your site.

Poorly produced videos get fewer views. The better the video, the higher it ranks. A poorly-made video gets fewer views. Quality content influences more than just your search rankings. Enjoyable videos increase consumer purchase intent by 97%, according to Unruly. Your video strategy should focus on creating quality content that viewers enjoy.

Builds Trust

Trust is the foundation of conversions. Trust-building should be a goal in itself. Content marketing is based on trust. Stop selling; start letting people come to you by giving them interesting and useful information instead of trying to sell them something. Videos do it all. They’re engaging, emotional, and even persuasive. YouTube is the most powerful social platform for promoting brands. So, if you want to use video effectively, you need to think about how you’ll make it work for your business.

Creates a Stronger Story

There’s no better place to get customer testimonials than putting it on video. In this case, you should ask your customers to record themselves talking about your products and services. This is an effective way to get valuable insights into your customers’ thoughts about your company.

Videos have been proven to be more potent than written content because you see something right away. Video helps customers understand you better than text alone, and your customers love videos when they’re ready to buy. Your customers already know how to use their phones to take pictures, record video, and upload it to social media. Customers already know what apps you offer and how easy it is to use those apps, but they don’t always think about the value of recording themselves.

Customer Support

Once a brand attains a desirable customer, it’s important to continue providing a positive experience to retain them. To do this, the brand should be proactive about answering questions. For example, AT&T offers new customers personalized videos to explain their bills, preferences, payment due dates, overages, and more (and) by being proactive about addressing areas of potential confusion with customers (such as explaining how to use the service), AT&T increased customer happiness and reduced bill-related phone calls to its help center.

Employee Employment and Training

Companies are now using videos to market themselves to potential employees. These videos allow real people to see what kind of work environment they’ll be working in. This helps companies stand out in the crowd.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-focused world, employees’ skills quickly become outdated, and companies must implement easy, meaningful training tools to keep their staff up to date. Video is a great practical training tool that provides employees with an effective way to train.

Video can provide multiple training examples that are difficult or impossible to replicate otherwise. Staff can access these resources anytime and review them more than once to ensure they can retain the information. Video-based learning provides an engaging format that keeps employees engaged. It allows them to learn quickly without having to read long documents. It’s a great way to keep your salespeople always prepared with quick-hit information.

It Goes Hand in Hand with Social Marketing Plan.

According to the report, 60% of social marketers plan to use video content this year. In addition, 73% of them said they’ll be using video content in 2016. According to the survey, people who post videos on social networks get more views than those who don’t. Additionally, people share videos that make them happy, sad, or funny. Create videos that entertain people, and then get them to share those videos. Share emotions, not facts.

Improve Brand Awareness

Videos are great tools for promoting brands. They allow companies to tell stories about themselves and show how they operate. Companies can also interview employees and give them a chance to talk about what makes them unique. Behind-the-scenes footage allows customers to see how products are made. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth two or three times more.

Viewers enjoy watching videos because there are two separate parts to the brain. Watching a video stimulates both auditory and visual areas of the brain, making them more active and interested in the content of the video.

Improve Email Click-Throughs

Video in email helps you reach out to people who might not otherwise respond. You can use thumbnails instead of videos embedded directly into emails. When someone clicks on a thumbnail, it’ll take them to a web page with a full-sized video. Embedding the videos directly inside emails increases the chance of them being caught by spam filters. You can set the video to autoplay for those who want to watch videos without leaving the email client. A signup form appears with an empty text box.

Improve Conversions

Having videos is an important part of any marketing strategy. People love watching videos. With the help of video, you can capture more customers’ attention and convert them into your brand loyalists.

Improve Product Awareness

Products can be complex, and explaining them helps people understand them better. Product videos allow you to show potential buyers what you’re offering and how it solves problems. A product video should top the list of recommended videos for small business owners.

To Ease Customers Down the Sales Funnel

Product videos are very useful when selling products online. Potential customers love watching them before making a purchase. Video descriptions help them understand what the product does. Consumers are looking for honest opinions from other people who have used products before them. Product videos help potential customers decide whether or not to buy the product.

Track Buyer Experience

Video is evolving, and as it does so, the video marketer is getting better at measuring it. Using an online video platform integrated with your marketing automation software, like HubSpot, you can see this data for each prospect. This means you can target specific follow-ups and have an even more accurate idea of who’s interested and most likely to purchase.

Types of Video to Use

Videos should be helpful for your audience. First, you must research who your target audience is. Then, when viewing the content, there should always be a clear call to action or benefit. Social media channels are more visual than text-based platforms. Videos help communicate information visually because viewers take longer to process images than words.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video can educate potential customers about your products and services and can be used in combination with instructions, customer support activities, and other applications for digital marketing purposes.

Interview Videos

An interview or testimonial video can be an effective way to get people talking and sharing their opinions. For example, you can use it to get people talking about something they’re passionate about or to feature guests who might be interested in writing for your blog.

Product Review Videos

This type of video is a great method to get exposure to the product and generate interest in the niche without paying for ads. It could also help if you learn more about the product and its target audience. So in a sense, it can function like market testing.

As long as you’re not spamming them with requests for free products, product reviews and demos done by brand ambassadors can be a good source of information about your product. They can also give your company a positive reputation online and allow you to reach potential clients who may have never heard of you before.

Live Videos

Live videos are the best strategy for getting closer to your viewers. Your audience wants to see you face-to-face. Social channels are perfect for live video streams.