Here at, we use a wide variety of WordPress plugins in the WordPress websites that we build for our clients. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most popular WordPress plugins you can use to launch a highly-functional WordPress website.

WordPress is used by most of the Bloggers, SEO Specialists, Affiliate Marketers, Website Developers, Content Creators, Media Publishers, Web Design Agencies, Web Designers, in the world as a platform of choice due to the market size and flexibility that WordPress has to offer. While some other content management systems exist, WordPress maintains a dominant CMS market share, powering 35% of the world’s websites. WordPress may not be the best option at all times, but it is the best available option in any place most of the time that provides a great user experience.

More than 60 million websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. WordPress is an open-source CMS that provides and achieves a highly beneficial package of popular WordPress Plugins in creating and managing a responsive web design. For a website to effectively run online with optimum performance, security, and search engine optimized content, these WordPress plugins play a vital role. These are the top used and most popular WordPress plugins with over 1+ million recent-active installations on live WordPress websites.

What are WordPress Plugins and How Do They Work?

Originally, adding content components to a website to customize its digital content or web design integration may have been quite static for a long time until the introduction of the CMS such as WordPress, and here has come WordPress plugins. In business computing, content customization is possible through the use of computer programs, say a software system that supports the addition of another software module or component. When this existing computer program adds a specific feature by putting another software component to its system, that component is a plugin or only a software component.

A WordPress plugin, in this case, brings another function to customize the additional functionalities needed for that existing website. On a website, for instance, a plugin works as an add-on to a digital content display or even a 3rd party integration functionality. The term plugin is a piece of software that allows a web-browser with an added feature to display digital content that the existing website design is unable to show for the desired online content interface.

How WordPress Plugins Help Optimize Your Website?

WordPress Plugins do not just ease your CMS maintenance and digital content development, it boosts your website dynamics. WordPress CMS brings you a vast repository of plugins that help transform your digital content into an interactive online platform. WordPress Plugins, when carefully chosen for your website needs, certainly helps increase your website functionality and can even boost website SEO in a significant way.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Plugins?

There are about 55,000+ different plugins in circulation, and more than 1,000 of which have a “widely-used-state,” “active-installations,” “recent-upgrades,” and the “most-popular-WordPress-plugins” available for your selection. So, it is easy to get confused and you may ask yourself how to get those plugins, say for your website SEO strategies?

The WordPress plugin repository has a lot of those plugins, as mentioned earlier, and you need to bear in mind that almost all of these plugins may have the same features and functionality that you desire to use. However, some of these WordPress plugins may offer you low quality but costly features. Here at, we only recommend those plugins that best serve your purpose with the least investment you may spend on installing these plugins on your website. In such a case, you will find below a list of WordPress plugins that contain only the top most popular WordPress plugins, but we have ensured to shorten the list into the Most Popular WordPress plugins in use worldwide.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO Plugin, developed by Team Yoast, is the #1 WordPress SEO Plugin that has helped millions of websites around the world since 2008 to rank higher in search engine result pages. Yoast SEO helps you in your search engine optimization, to get and stay on top of search engine ranking. No matter the nature