In the simplest words, Inbound marketing is a way to get new business a higher return with significantly lower costs. And it draws customers to you – rather than you finding them.

Poor Sales

A sales team with poor performance may completely stop the growth of a business. So, what should be done with a sales team that is not producing results like they should? Some would say they need to be retrained or fired and rehire more. In your past, that might have been the only options, but now you have the option of inbound marketing to help improve your sales team’s performance.

Inbound Marketing Helps

Inbound marketing helps your sales team be more effective and more efficient by:
• Reducing the need for cold calls and repeated calls on prospects that are cold
• Feeding them a stream of qualified leads that are sales ready
• Allowing you to squeeze outside sales team and add to inside sales team
• Tracking prospect’s interest following any sales meeting

More about Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing totally changes what leads normally looked like. These leads are no longer cold and unready to buy. Lead generation with the help of inbound marketing is informed, research is done, with prospects ready to discuss and make the deal. There is even inbound marketing software that will send everything concerning these leads directly the CRM, which your sales team is working with. They are fully informed about the activity of every lead. It will tell you who they are, how long they have been researching, what their company looks like. With all such info on hand, it becomes much easier for a business to increase sales.

What is Inbound Marketing constituted of?

Inbound marketing is basically advertising, but is a kind of advertising that is different. It focuses on getting individuals to come to you. How? Through your blogs, podcasts, videos, eNewsletters, SEO, eBooks and social media marketing only to name a few. With inbound marketing, you help your company get known to people who are already out there in your industry wanting to shop and learn what your industry has to offer.

How to get Leads

What do you do to get inbound marketing leads? First you share the blogs across all social media platforms – basically starting extensive social media marketing. This will drive more traffic to your website and opens a huge door for businesses to connect with potential prospects.

Call to Action

Next, develop and add call to action buttons with bright graphics on the website. Make the action buttons flash to attract your visitors. This helps with increasing the number of qualified leads from your own website.

Blog Content

Another way is to pass your blog content to key groups. For example, LinkedIn is a great place to find those who have many target audience profiles. There are also LinkedIn groups for every role, industry, and firm. Identify your “perfect prospect” and join those groups, so you can start sharing content

Change Visitors into Leads

But most of all, you need to change visitors into qualified leads. How you do that is by having a good conversion strategy and this is where landing pages on website play an important role. You need to develop dedicated landing pages where you use your best practices to change visitors into leads. This can be done by using great images of your products and with product descriptions. Make a place where your visitor feels comfortable, so they can make a decision.