Do you wonder how to get traffic from search back to your site? Do you want to find zero traffic pages on your website? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. As part of digital analytics, we’ll discuss how to find zero traffic pages.

To find zero traffic pages means a step higher to achieving SEO success. Zero traffic pages never receive any traffic from search. These can happen for various reasons. For example, they could be dead links that were once live pages or pages that never had enough quality content and therefore did not rank well. You are missing out on marketing opportunities if you can’t find those zero traffic pages.

Why You Need to Find Zero Traffic Pages on Your Website

Zero traffic means there were no visits to your site, hence, no activity on your site.

Every business should understand and determine which pages on their websites are not adding any marketing value. These pages may cause a lack of traffic to your website, which could also be the source of the site not ranking well in search engine results.

How to Find Zero Traffic Pages on Your Website

If you are looking for any source to get rid of zero traffic from search pages on your website, then this article is just for you. There are many reasons why your website might need content transformation. For example, there could be duplicates or broken links. It could also be that you need accurate link metrics on your relevant sites to know if you are on the right path. Business owners should also consider bad SEO issues, poor usability, or other problems. These pages need to be identified and fixed. Here are some ways to solve such web pages on your site.

Resolve Orphan Pages

Orphan pages are web pages that are not linked to any other page or section on your site. These pages aren’t accessible to visitors unless they know the exact source or URL. They also can’t be found via search engines, so they don’t get crawled by them. To make sure crawlers can find your pages, you should link to them from other pages.

Most important, an orphan page is an amazing source of lost opportunities to acquire and engage active users. They also hurt your bounce rate. Luckily, losing out on page traffic, retention, and revenue and harming your SEO success because of orphan pages is something that you can quickly remedy.

What You Can Do with Orphan Pages

Once you know the orphan pages, you can decide whether to delete them or have content upgrades.

  • Keep them, but work to improve their organic search profile. You can search your competitors traffic for some vital information.
  • Keep them, but use the link juice they give you to help other higher profile pages on your site, such as inbound links.
  • Get rid of them, and then redirect them to higher profile, higher-value pages on your site. You can do this using the built-in 301 redirect tools at Google Search Webmaster Tools, or you can use the free Redirect Manager plugin for WordPress.

What’s the Issue with Orphan Pages?

An orphan page has no inbound links. Since these pages cannot be found while browsing your site, they should not be indexed by search engine bots. We do not mark these pages as errors, so you should check if there are any such pages on your site. You can hide them from the web using the robots.txt file.

How to Look for Orphan Pages:

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