The Digital Marketing Internship Program at gets 3 new students. would not be where it is right now without the help of our remarkable interns. Our 12 week-long Digital Marketing Internship Program is focussed on advancing our students with real-world knowledge that cannot be obtained within the classroom. We seek out the best candidates that display the most promise and dedication to learning their digital marketing craft. We have three students from Joliet Junior College in Joliet, IL joining our 2020 Digital Marketing Internship Program.

We believe that our Digital Marketing Internship Program should include everything about knowing, finding, and growing, which is why our program is a unique learning experience. Our internship program is designed to stimulate, influence, and empower our student interns with an appealing opportunity that complements the academic environment. As an intern, we encourage them to get out of their comfort zones while working with actual client tasks. 

Our Digital Marketing Internship Program consists of training in the following areas:

  1. Website Hosting and Security
  2. Website Development
  3. RFP’s, Proposals, and Contracts
  4. Project Management
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. PPC Marketing
  7. Content Research & Writing

Our interns are wise, enthusiastic, and also will do whatever it takes to do the job. So we thought, why not introduce them to the world in a blog post. 

Brandon Carson

brandon profileBrandon is currently a Joliet Junior College student and has already achieved his first associate’s degree in Management and Supervision from the college. Brandon believes that business knowledge is crucial to understanding an appropriate workplace as well as being wise enough to earn money. After pursuing his degree, he had the opportunity to move up to a management position within his existing employer. However, he quickly learned that he would not be satisfied in such a career as it was stressful, demanding, and lacked any gratifying rewards. Brandon then took the risk to leave that company to further his education and enrolled a second time as a student at Joliet Junior College to earn a Cybersecurity degree. Brandon chose this field because the idea of wireless communications intrigues him, and it is essential to our everyday lives. Brandon is excited to dive in and gain as much knowledge as possible in the field. 

Personal Hobbies;