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We understand that many businesses don’t have the upfront money to buy a website. Lucky for you we have website financing options to spread the cost over many months. Our website financing options make it easier for you to make your vision a reality.

website financing

We do not believe that budget limitation should get in the way of your vision. Our in-house website financing options offer a great way to start and if you need more we also have other 3rd party options you can select from.

With only a small down payment, we can start developing your website project.  Financing plans typically range from 3 to 12 months and are designed to make it easier on your cash flow so you can get more for your money.

How Does Website Financing Work?

The website financing rate you get charged depends on the term of your loan. The deposit amount depends on the total cost of the project. The minimum project size to be considered for website financing is $1500.00. You can see our website financing rates on the following table as an example.

Deposit Payments

  • Web design projects ranging from $1500 – $5000 require a 50% down payment.
  • Web design projects ranging from $5001 and up require a 30% down payment.

Competitive Website Financing Rates

Our short-term website financing loan rates are much lower than most other short-term business loans that can charge up to 400% interest. We do not believe that’s right. And unlike other in-house website financing options offered by other web designers, only charges financing rates on the balance owed. Most other institutions charge financing rates based on the total amount of the project.

Website Financing Rate Chart

Down Payment 3 Month Term 6 Month Term 12 Month Term
30% – 50% 10% 15% 20%

***A minimum project cost of $1500.00 USD is required for financing consideration.
***You can choose to finance your balance for up to 12 months.

Here is an example of how website financing would look like.

Total Project Cost $5000.00
50% Down Payment $2500.00
Balance Financed $2500.00
12 Month Term @ 20% fee $500.00
Monthly Payment For 12 Months $250.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How are payments set up?

If you are financing your website with our in-house website financing option, we will set up an automatic subscription that will charge your credit card on the monthly payment schedule per the website financing agreement.


Do I have to host my financed website with you?

Yes, one of our conditions for the term of the financing is that your website is hosted with us for the term of your loan agreement. After your loan is paid in full, you are free to host your website anywhere you like. We do own our own web hosting company and have speedy and secure servers at competitive prices.

Do you finance websites not developed by

Sorry no. We are not a financing or loan institution. We only offer this service as a low barrier service for our own clients. If you are having someone else develop your website and need financing, you can consider the additional financing options below. However, keep in mind those options have a much higher interest rate for short-term loans.

Additional Website Financing Options

Paypal Credit

paypal credit

Paypal Credit allows for simple and fast approval of funds that you can use immediately.



Behalf increases your working capital. Using a credit line instead of cash increases your purchase capacity. It is the solution you have been looking for to help you scale.



Decision in minutes – applying will not impact your personal credit score.

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