Joomla Extension Development offers a full range of custom Joomla Extension Development Services that will please you with high-grade quality, rapid work and affordable prices. In fact, our prices enable even the smallest organizations and individuals to hire us to build their Joomla extensions.

If you need a Joomla component, module, plugin, or even a full blown custom Joomla template then look no further. We have the experience and skills to build anything you can imagine.

We have been developing custom Joomla extensions for our own needs as well as for thousands of customers worldwide sine 2004. In fact we developed the very first learning management system for Joomla as well as the very first Joomla Event Registration software to collect payments. And we’ve built hundreds more since then.

What’s Our Joomla Development Process Like?

1. Requirements Gathering And Consulting

The first thing we do is we have a consulting session with you to gather the details of your project. We will take the information you give us and we will brainstorm ideas with you on how your Joomla extension should look and function as well as discuss user experience and workflow paths.

2. Mockup Development

Next we take all the information from the requirement gathering session and we start to map out the requirements into a database mapping tool. We then use this information to start designing both the administrative screens as well as the front end views. This allows us to flush out any major user experience issues and get a visual understanding of the workflows.

3. Mockup Presentation

At this stage we will have a meeting with you to present our mockup. This meeting is to make sure nothing was missed in the requirements and that all participants understand exactly what needs to be developed. This is the chance to identify any missing features, suggestions, and to fully understand the application concepts. Any changes that are required are made and then submitted for final approval.

4. Cost Analysis

Once all of the requirements are finalized and the mockup is approved by the client, we can then move to working on a cost analysis of what it will take to build the Joomla extension. This must come after the mockup in order to minimize any scope creep and to have a more accurate proposal for the development costs.

5. Project Proposal

The project proposal will contain an outline of the project and an estimate of the project costs. Once the client has reviewed the proposal and discussed any possible changes with us, then the proposal can be accepted and can begin development of the Joomla extension.

What Makes The Perfect Joomla Developer For Your Project?

What makes stand out among other Joomla development companies? Experience! We are confident that we can design and develop any Joomla extension imaginable. For more than a decade we have built hundreds of Joomla extensions and templates for small businesses to enterprise corporations. Companies from all over the world come to us for custom Joomla programming and extension development projects.

Here are some reason why is the best choice in Joomla extension developers. No other Joomla development company can compete with our experience, skills, and competitive pricing.

  • We’ve been developing Joomla extensions since 2004

  • We are a Joomla recognized and approved Joomla Service Provider

  • We are a Joomla recognized and approved Joomla Developer

  • We have our own Joomla extension company at

  • We have our own Joomla template development company at

  • References and examples are provided upon request

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