Using Data Metrics To Measure And Compete

Why SEO Benchmarking? Because today it is not enough to simply write content, submit it to the search engines, and expect it to rank well. We need to use SEO Benchmarking in order to collect, analyze, and measure data metrics to see correlation values of what the search engines like most.

Imagine if you could take your target keyword and measure hundreds data points and similarities of the top 100 Google results for your keyword. And then on top of that, compare your webpage against them.

seo benchmarking

What Is SEO Benchmarking?

Benchmarking from an SEO standpoint means taking all of the key performance indicators of your website where it is currently, and recording various data points. Think of it as if you wanted to lose weight. You would measure your current weight and record the date and your current weight. This way in the future you would be able to know where you started so you can know exactly how much progress you’ve made over time.

SEO Benchmarking is very similar. However there are many more points to consider than just the date and weight. With a website you have to benchmark a lot of key data points and consider multiple SEO factors.

ITD takes multiple factors into account for our SEO Benchmarking. A few examples are;

  • Number of indexed pages
  • Ranking Keywords
  • Analytics Data
  • Size Of Website
  • Backlinks
  • Social Signals
  • And much more…

How Does SEO Benchmarking Help?

When you begin an SEO campaign, lots of changes will need to happen on a website every month in order for the SEO to improve. By taking regular SEO benchmarks, you can more easily know if a change was made that accidentally made a negative impact. This allows those negative actions be identified very quickly so they can be corrected on an upward ranking trajectory.

How Is Content Benchmarked For SEO? uses multiple, very sophisticated software applications that measure thousands of factors and data points. Some provide SEO Audits, Some create backlink Profiles, Others track rankings, and another measures multiple content correlations and search results for your targeted keywords.

The SEO experts at then take all of the collected data, create timestamped reports, and then analyze the information in order to create an action plan for your SEO campaign.

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