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Technical SEO Optimization For Higher Google Rankings

On Page SEO is one of the most important factors for ranking in search engines. A website that is not optimized for search engines will never live up to it’s full potential and most likely will never show up in the search engines for their target market.


How Does It Work?

On Page SEO can be quite technical and complicated. Having someone that knows how everything works from a technical standpoint is crucial to your success. ITDwebdesign.com has experience in On Page SEO.

We have developed a strategic process approach to On Page SEO that targets the following key areas.

Are you struggling to get to page one of the results?

Your website has all the information your customers need. It is informative, easy to navigate, and your site looks nice.But these days that is not enough. You must stand out in order to compete. If your website has errors or your content is less than the average top 20 results then your site will be ignored by Google and not be selected as the best choice for a user’s search results.

Paid search does not compensate for On Page SEO issues.

Most SEO companies only focus on Off Page SEO efforts such as expensive paid traffic like Google Adwords, guest posts, and link building strategies. SEO should start with the website itself. If not, all you’re doing is throwing your money out the door with your other marketing efforts. After all, what good is a landing page if it has technical SEO errors or is not optimized to convert your visitors into leads. ITDwebdesign.com provides real results with proven ROI.

  • SEO Audit of primary pages

  • Proper Headings Usage

  • Content Structure

  • Identify Broken Links

  • Keyword Research

  • Meta Data

  • Image Optimization

  • Page Loading Speed

  • 301 Redirects

  • Content Optimization

  • Internal Link Building

  • Proper Keyword Usage

  • Robots, htaccess, sitemap files

  • Navigation Structure

  • Title Optimizations

On Page SEO Services Explained

Lets break each part of the list above down so you understand exactly why each part is so important and how in depth we go to make sure your website is optimized to the fullest potential.

1. SEO Audit

The first thing we do is run a complete SEO audit. To do this we use a variety of SEO tools to analyze your website to help us identify all of the problems on your website. We then compile all of the data into easy to understand reports that allow us to focus on the areas that will make the most impact for improving your website’s SEO performance.

2. Proper Headings Usage

Most websites do not properly utilize heading tags properly, if at all. ITDwebdesign.com makes sure that your page’s heading tags are properly used. If too many of a certain heading tag is used, or not enough is used, then it will raise red flags to search engines and also be more confusing to your visitors.

3. Content Structure

Making sure your content is well written and structured properly makes a huge difference when someone reads your content. We make sure that your content is not only readable, but structured properly so that it flows and makes sense to the reader and the search engines.

4. Identify Broken Links

Broken links and images are a major issue for usability and crawler bots that visit your site. Our reports identify all broken links on your website that are causing problems. We identify both internal and external broken links and fix these issues so the links can be redirected to new content or websites if needed.

5. Keyword Research

Key word research is a major part of On Page SEO. Most website owners target keywords that they THINK will bring them traffic. This is done by guessing what users are searching for and not backed up by factual data. Our keyword research is backed up by factual data and trend research.

6. Meta Data

Meta data is a short description of what your content is about. It tells both humans and search engines if the page meets the requirements of their search intent. Optimizing meta data can improve click through rates resulting in more traffic to your web pages.

7. Image Optimization

Optimizing images for SEO is a two part task. The first part of image optimization is compression and quality. If the images have a large file size then they will cause the site to load slowly. We make sure that the images are properly sized and compressed in order to keep the smallest footprint possible without affecting the image quality. The second part is tagging the images with meta data so the search engines can know what the images represent. This associates the image with your content’s theme and message.

8. Page Loading Speed

Many factors go into making a site load fast. We analyze the factors that slow down the website from loading fast and make incremental adjustments until the pages load as fast as reasonably possible.

9. 301 Redirects

Redirecting old pages to new content and incoming links to your site that are wrong is important for ensuring the optimal user experience and to keep bounce rates low. Using proper redirects can instruct search engines on what to do with outdated links that are no longer valid.

10. Content Optimization

We run comparison benchmarks against the top 20 Google results for your target keywords in order to find out if your content is under optimized (or over optimized) that could be holding you back from competing for page one results. We can then create a content optimization strategy that can help you exceed the quality of content that your competition has and allow your content to be the better choice in the eyes of the search engines.

11. Internal Link Building

Internal links is a very important ranking factor. It allows your pages to be correlated and develops an internal navigation structure between pages. Our SEO Audit reports allow us to find orphaned content and pages that need to have additional internal links added.

12. Proper Keyword Usage

ITDwebdesign.com reviews your pages to make sure that your keywords are being used properly. Keyword to content ratio and diversity are just some of the factors we analyze in our On Page SEO services.

13. Robots, htaccess, sitemap files

Search engine robots are not intelligent. They crawl content and links that they can find and do not use common sense like humans do. So sometimes we need to help them make sense of what you want them to crawl, and not crawl, and how often. So to do this we optimize various website files to assist them to optimally index the proper content on your website.

14. Navigation Structure

We make sure that your navigation is properly structured so it makes sense for user experience and search engines.

15. Title Optimizations

Page titles can affect not just search results but also your click through rates. Click through rates are an important SEO ranking factor. Our On Page SEO Services will ensure that your page titles are optimized for the best click through optimizations possible.

How Much Does On Page SEO Cost?

On Page SEO can be one of the most affordable of all SEO efforts. In most cases it can be done once and does not require ongoing monthly costs. However it can also be done in phases so you can spread the cost over many months to fit your budget.

Beware of SEO companies that offer “à la carte” pricing when it comes to On Page SEO. Every website can have varying amounts of issues and errors to be fixed. Small website can take much less time than a larger website. ITDwebdesign.com can provide you with an up front On Page SEO quote that matches the actual work that is required and the level of service that your budget allows.


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