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Are you from Naperville, IL and need a website designed? Our team of web design specialist in the Naperville, IL area are ready to assist you. The only thing that will set your website apart from other websites is the team in Naperville, IL.


Web design, or website design, is the sum of every feature of a website. It includes everything from the domain to the sitemap, the layout of every page to the contents on every webpage. When compared to other industries will rarely have an indelible impression, a website that looks similar to others either in the industry or you can opt for a simple web design in Naperville if you wish to focus on the content, or you can aim to dazzle your audience, both with the design and the content. Regardless of the types of features you want in your web design in Naperville, you should always have a responsive website.

What is Responsive Web Design?

A responsive website is designed keeping in mind the output device. Before flat screen monitors, LCDs or TFTs and LEDs, websites were designed to meet the specifications of the now obsolete desktop monitor. They were not as wide as the ones we have today if you remember the old monitors. The aspect ratio was more 4:3 than the typical 16:9 in use now. Even today, there are websites that have negative or blank spaces on the sides when they are accessed on wide screen monitors. Just as the web design affects how a website is displayed on less standard and wide screens, it also affects how a website will be accessible on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

A responsive web design is one that can easily adapt to limitations of a device that is being used to access the website. Standard desktop or laptop browsers are not the same as the mobile browsers. A responsive design will adapt to both worlds and facilitate the two types of browsing.

Client Testimonial

ITD was so helpful in both advice and training when I started a new position this year.

They were responsive in making changes to the site while training me on an unfamiliar CMS platform to get me up to speed quickly.

I look forward to partnering with ITD as we evolve our website into the future. We value them and our relationship.

~ Tim C.

Importance of Responsive Web Design for your Naperville Company Website

One doesn’t need to refer to the rapidly increasing statistics of how many people use mobile devices to browse the internet. It is no secret that people will look for what they want using the device they have at a given point in time. If you don’t have a responsive web design, you risk losing the target market that would be using mobile devices and browsers.

Mobile Friendly

Our websites are designed with mobile users in mind first and foremost. 60% of all internet searches in the US are done on a mobile device.


The best website in the world means nothing if it cannot be found in search results. Our websites are search engine optimized in order to bring you to the first page of Google.


Content that is written by SEO professionals can not only bring you higher search rankings but also be displayed in a way that prompt visitors to convert into clients.

Fully Managed can fully manage all aspects of your website such as hosting, maintenance, content creation, and blog posts so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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