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State & Local Government Website Design and Marketing Services

ITDwebdesign.com is a web design company based in Joliet, IL.  We develop websites and online applications for city government agencies, member associations, energy companies, and nonprofits that are mobile friendly and easy to use.

Web Design For Government Agencies

If you’re looking for a web design agency that can meet the specific needs of a government or municipality website then ITDwebdesign.com is your perfect choice. We understand that unlike those in the commercial sector, local government organizations require some unique features and solutions.

When a new website is needed, city officials are usually charged with the task of figuring out what the requirements and needs of the website will be. Our experts at ITDwebdesign.com can work with you to help you navigate through all those requirements and come up with a solid plan for the redesign or development of a new website. Normally, a government website does not require any marketing or major SEO work after the site is developed. However, ITDwebdesign.com also still considers that the new website must still be SEO friendly and should be focused on usability as well.

City, Municipality, And Community Websites

Many local governments are made up of multiple community focused categories of websites. ITDwebdesign.com can work with various local entities like City Halls, Libraries, Park Districts, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Courthouses, County Clerks, Homeowners Associations, and much more. Each of these site’s requirements can greatly vary so there is not any type of “one size fits all” solution.

ITDwebdesign.com has the experience, diversity, and balance to create a custom tailored online presence that serves the needs of the community as well as meeting the requirements of the supporting organization.

The significance of having a mobile-friendly web design for your city

Nearly 60% of all traffic to government websites are on mobile devices, and as more residents require wireless access to government services, this number is expected to increase each year. Understanding this, organizations in the public sector are redesigning their websites to be responsive, which simply means that the websites need to have a more simple design that is easy to navigate and adapts for a mobile screen size.

Device usage is an essential metric to keep an eye on for several reasons. Most importantly, it reveals how users are accessing government websites and how those experiences vary by device. Our team is constantly keeping an eye on new techniques and technology for mobile optimization and can identify pages with higher mobile traffic to focus on improvements to the user experience.

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