Attorney Websites And Marketing For Law Firm Clients


Professional Attorney’s Website For Your Law Firm

As an attorney, your credibility is of the utmost importance to your legal firm’s attorney website. All attorney websites we create adhere to strict guidelines for creating trust online. This ensures that your potential clients have the confidence that you are a reputable law firm within the community.

Do all lawyers need a website?

An easy to navigate, informative, and modern-looking site gives your company an even more professional look.  This is important because more and more people are using the internet to find and contact local businesses, and your website is often your future client’s first impression of your firm.

How A Strong Website Boots Your Image

Standing behind a well-designed internet presence is similar to greeting your new client in a suit and tie, vs. meeting them in your pajamas.  A bad design casts doubt on the abilities of the company it represents, whether it reflects true or not.

How do the Attorneys and Lawyers benefit?

A lawyer website makes for an easier lifestyle for the lawyer by doing some of the heavy lifting for them.  In the design of our sites we incorporate special features to streamline the running of the business.  Clients can use the appointment scheduler, seek answers to their law questions via the FAQ section, receive directions to your office, and even submit documents ahead of time.  Law firm sites that can automate these meanial tasks, giving lawyers more time to focus on their clients.

What Is The Most Important SEO Factor For Website Design?

Quality content is the most important SEO factor for an attorney website design. A quality attorney website will have well written content to educate your potential clients about your law firm, legal practice areas, settlement and verdict results and additional legal services you may provide. Potential clients are visiting your attorney website to learn about your law firm, services offered, and what your legal expertise are. So, your attorney website must give the potential client a reason to pick up the phone or fill out the contact form.

Lawyers In An Online Marketplace

For attorneys, the days of focusing your lawyer advertising budget in the Yellow Pages are long gone. The Internet has taken its place as the go to place to find information about a law firm. At, our team of experienced attorney website design professionals have been designing and marketing websites for attorneys for over a decade. We are experts in this field and have a proven track record of success in the field of attorney website design and marketing.

The difference between a well-developed attorney website and an attorney website with a poor law firm website architecture is in the amount of website visitors your attorney website successfully converts into leads. Marketing your legal practice requires a special balance.

Website Testimonial from One Of Our Law Clients

I have used ITD for years and they have helped me grow my business with reliable and excellent web design and code implementation. The care, skill, and judgement is first rate. More than this, the choice in approach to web design for customer satisfaction and ergonomics made by ITD is excellent and a very important component of the work. I am grateful to have this support and capability.

~ Adam W.