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E-Learning and Instructional Design Services

About Our Instructional Design Services

elearning developmentITDwebdesign.com develops custom E-Learning (virtual training) unique to your needs and budget.
ITDwebdesign.com can create custom online training modules and videos on a variety of topics from software training simulations to sales process. ITD Webdesign specializes in developing custom E-Learning content for your organization.

ITD’s experienced project team works with you to develop cost-effective solutions that produce results.

We can even help your company with a complete online training website with learning management system and live  training registration system features. ITD Webdesign offers the A to Z training systems that your company is looking for.


Custom E-Learning development includes:

  1. Instructional Design: ITDwebdesign.com’s E-Learning developers are well versed in creating learning objects, tests, in-course resources, and multimedia objects to not only transfer knowledge but to convert that knowledge into enhanced skills.
  2. Storyboards: We work with your subject matter experts to create the “story” of your E-Learning project using storyboards in order to map out the entire learning process.
  3. Engaging and Interactive E-Learning: The end result is an online training program that engages, educates and entertains your workforce.

1. E-Learning Instructional Design

Integrated Technology and Design’s instructional design process streamlines the entire course development life cycle.
This reduces the time it takes for requirements gathering, design, and development of your training content.

The accelerated design process includes:

  1. Requirements gathering and content reviews.
  2. Map out the learning path and processes.
  3. Developing content that accelerate the learning process.

2. The Storyboard

Storyboards are the graphic “map” of your training content. ITD Webdesign uses this process to organize the E-Learning content and resources so that the learning path (the story) makes sense. ITD Webdesign works with our clients through the following storyboard process.

  • We take inventory of the digital assets, i.e., PowerPoint, audio, video, illustrations, images, etc.
  • Our E-Learning specialists work with you to brainstorm the training presentation and use of learning strategies that best complement the online learning services you wish to develop.
  • Approval: The content, strategies, and the visuals, guided by our understanding and best practices.

3. Quality Interactive E-Learning

  • Truly Interactive E-Learning  is what turns the story into training that is memorable.
  • Today’s trainees thrive in learning environments that are interactive.
  • When scenario based E-Learning is used it puts everything into context with real world situations.
  • Train your employees with real world situations that are applicable to their job situations.

blended learning

Blended Learning

Often times self paced E-Learning isn’t the only option needed for training. Our instructional designers can assist you to create a blended learning option where online training is supplemented with live instructor training in the classroom. ITD Webdesign can convert your existing instructor-led training into a full customized training suite which includes an E-Learning program, facilitator guides, student guides, practice exercises, and course assessments.