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One of our top home service niche markets is the appliance repair industry. We have one particular client (EJ’s Appliance Repair) that gave us a wonderful video testimonial (the video is at the bottom of this post). So we figured we would showcase an SEO case study of what we were able to do for them, that ultimately led to the video review at the bottom of this post.

Appliance Repair Company SEO Case Study

In late December of 2021, the owner of Ej’s Appliance Repair, located in Lexington, KY, approached SEO & Marketing to evaluate their website and marketing campaign efforts.

The appliance repair company in Lexington, KY, was experiencing stagnant growth and sales. They suspected their existing marketing firm was not working well and wanted a second opinion.

Evaluating The Current SEO Status and Rankings started with a complete evaluation of the existing website and keyword rankings.

A duplicate content issue occurred with this client, who operates in a highly competitive niche. The previous so-called “marketing agency” built a very small 4-page website for EJ’s Appliance Repair and was supposedly doing some kind of SEO service and managing the Google Ads account for about 12 months.

It was quickly apparent that the old marketing company had simply duplicated the same website with the same content, and just changed a few minor colors, words, and images on every website they built for all their clients. We identified at least 8 of their client’s websites that were practically identical to each other. And all of the content was copied from many other websites on the internet. Unsurprisingly, would never rank for any primary keywords with this type of company handling their marketing.

EJ quickly fired the other marketing agency and hired SEO & Marketing to fix his appliance repair company’s online presence.

Identifying The Goals For Growth

When I first met with the owner of EJ’s Appliance Repair to discuss his needs, it was not about the website. It was about his goals for the growth of his company.

I asked EJ about where he was as a business owner. I quickly found out he wanted to grow his business but fix the problems he faced at that time. EJ had 2 technicians, and neither had enough work to keep busy. They were driving all over to their service calls which required long travel times to serve their customers.

EJ’s goal was to have more work in his targeted service areas and to increase the online visibility in multiple cities.

The Appliance Repair Company Website Design and SEO Case Study

ITD Web Design began immediately with developing a brand new, SEO-optimized website. We focussed on keyword research, SEO content creation, conversion optimization, and proper website structure for a home service repair company.

We used all the correct service schema markup, image SEO optimization, and the proper on-page SEO signals for a local business.

The result was a very nice website and a web design that worked to convert target visitors into customers. ITD Web Design created SEO-optimized content that targeted each service and city. This is where this SEO case study comes in.

Optimizing Google Business Profiles

EJ’s Appliance Repair had multiple locations in their service areas. optimized multiple Google Business Profiles (formerly GMB listings) for each physical office location. This allowed EJ’s Appliance Repair to rank in Google Maps for each local service area.

The following image shows 3 months of ranking progress of one listing for a major city like Lexington, KY, in Google Maps for EJ’s appliance repair for a highly competitive keyword (Appliance Repair).

When ITD Web Design started working with EJ’s, the Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) was barely ranking on Google Maps. We worked our SEO magic and started seeing the rankings expand across a major metropolitan city like Lexington.

appliance repair seo case study

Overall Ranking Progress

Within the first month, SEO & Marketing was able to get the new website a near immediate 15% visibility increase over their previous website rankings.

Over time, we continued both on-page and off-page SEO optimizations, and after only 3 months, we were able to get EJ’s Appliance Repair to rank on the first page of Google for over 170 target keywords and 160 of those keywords are in the #1 position. The following image shows ranking increases for 2 locations, and 3 search engines (Google desktop, Google mobile, and Google maps)

appliance repair company ranking summary


After 6 months of tracking 181 primary target keywords, we saw a 52% online visibility increase in the search engine results. The following images show a 94% visibility rating which means that 94% of the 181 tracked keywords are in the #1 position across 6 Google search engines targeting 2 locations.

ejs appliance repair visibility

ejsappliances visibility increases

Also, our SEO services increased organic traffic to the website by 253%, which helped the appliance repair company acquire more customers.

organic traffic increase for appliance repair company

increased traffic by over 150 percent

Where The Real SEO Results Matter

EJ was seeing the results of our SEO Services and started sending messages to us about how happy he was with his rankings. When our clients get excited, we get excited. Seeing messages like this are a true validation of our many years of SEO experience working in the real world. SEO & Marketing is proud to make real changes in our client’s business growth.

fb chat about rankings

ej facebook comment

Another close friend of EJ, who owns a successful appliance repair company, started spreading the word about what had done for EJ’s Appliance Repair.

justin facebook comment

Video Testimonial from EJ’s Appliance Repair

Ej’s Appliance Repair Video Transcript

Hey everybody, EJ here from EJ’s Appliance Repair in Lexington, Kentucky.
I wanted to come on and give a little shout-out to Mike Carson and

I hired Mike in December of this past year to take over my SEO marketing and Google advertising, and within about two to three weeks, he had a website built that far exceeded what I had before. Several Pages, lots of content, pictures, everything that I needed. That website is

So January 6th, we went live, and if you know about the appliance repair industry, that’s the slow season, and it was slow, but we stayed alive for those two months. That was my transition from going part-time as a business owner to full-time, so there was that as well.

So by March, we had doubled our gross sales in my business. We got so busy after just two months that I had to start looking at hiring another guy. I have since hired another tech to cover the area that I was trying to grow in. I have a tech now that is every day of the week in Lexington Kentucky where I was trying to grow. And that’s exactly what happened, so much so that I now have a second tech training to take over that area as well.

So within just less than six months, a new website ranked number one organically on Google for several Search terms, almost all of them that matter. And we are having our phone ring off the hook, so I had to hire a call center, My Office Help, to answer my calls because for my one CSR (my wife), it became way too much.

So these are good problems to have, and these are the ones I asked for. I asked Mike Carson to deliver, and that is exactly what he did. So I thank you for all the problems I now have. Mike, these are much better problems than I had before.

Thank you!

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