Is WordPress secure enough for your website?

Here’s a list of 10 WordPress plugins you can use to increase the security of your website.

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management systems, which is utilized to design modern websites. It has a host of various functions to help you make fast updates and easy setup of your website. WordPress powers roughly 35% of all websites on the internet today. With that kind of CMS market share, hackers are not in short supply of WordPress websites to target.

Let’s review some basics regarding WordPress security first before getting to the main list.

Brute Force Login Attempts

A very typical problem with a lot of WordPress websites is Brute Force Attempts. This basically suggests that your wp-login page is bombarded with login demands with different username and password mixes, so that if you have a weak password, or a common username, the enemies can get control of your site. Not only does this present a direct danger to your site, it becomes a nuisance for the web server also. The web server has to handle an abrupt spurt in demands from the assailant’s computer system, to serve up your site’s login page. This can be prevented by renaming the wp-login page with numerous plugins that are readily available. The “Rename wp-login. Php” plugin permits you to set a custom-made-login URL so that it is hard for assaults to discover which page you log in from.

Spam Comments

You may be rather please to see comments of appreciation and appreciation within few days of setting up your WordPress website. Don’t be taken in by such comments, as the remarks are from individuals who are intending to put their website’s link on your website, through the remarks. You will frequently find that together with the favorable remark there is likewise a link to some dubious product embedded in or listed below the comment. This is just a tactic to get you to note the comment on your website. Free publicity at its best. There are numerous plugins like “Akismet” which instantly filter out harmful remarks and help you keep the great ones.

Susceptible Plugins

Due to a large number of WordPress plugins being unsupported and totally free, many plugins might consist of inherent vulnerabilities and may be a risk to your WordPress website. You can’t do much about it, it would be a good thing to examine the plugin’s last update date, the rating and feedback by other users and the compatibility with your WordPress variation.

Fundamental Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Even though WordPress is a stunning piece of software, it does have specific vulnerabilities and exploits that make it an unsafe tool in the hands of an ignorant webmaster or a do it yourselfer. Sites like Sucuri list out a set of known set of vulnerabilities for the WordPress system to help you plug or spot the loopholes so that you do not become a victim. They also provide exploit scanners and vulnerability scanners in the type of WordPress Plugins, which inform you of any occurrences or occasions associated with your website’s security.

Even though WordPress does have these restrictions and dangers, it is among the most popular and perfect solutions to begin building a site. Reading a bit about establishing WordPress security is certainly advised prior to you making your site live. You may want to hire an expert such as to do a WordPress Security Audit if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Here are our recommendations for the best WordPress security plugins you can install on your WordPress website.

1. Wordfence

WordFence is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins. It keeps on examining your website for malware infection. It scans all the files of your WordPress core, theme and plugins. If it finds any kind of infection, it will notify you. It claims to make your WordPress site 50 times much faster and protect. For making your site faster, it utilizes Falcom caching engine. This plugin is free, however a couple of innovative features are readily available for premium users. Do it if you can manage it.

This plugin blocks brute-force attack and can add two-element authentication through SMS. It also scans your hosting for recognized backdoors consisting of C99, R57 and others.

It also scans your posts and remarks for harmful code. It also supports multi-site. You can likewise inspect the traffic on your WordPress website in real time and see if there is any security threat assaulting your site.

It keeps on examining your site for malware infection. It declares to make your WordPress website 50 times faster and secure. You can likewise examine the traffic on your WordPress website in genuine time and see if there is any security danger attacking your website.

2. Securi Security

Secure Security is the security plugin for WordPress. This plugin uses different security features like security activity auditing, file integrity tracking, malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, and site firewall program.

It secures your website from DOS attack, Zero Day Disclosure Patches, brute force attacks and other scanner attacks. It also keeps a log of all activities and keep these logs safe in the Sucuri cloud. If an attacker is able to bypass the security controls, your security logs will be safe within Sucuri’s security operations.

If you want to pay, you can opt for the Sucuri premium service. They are a popular web application security company with a group of specialists. You can get much better service and recommendations.

3. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is another popular WordPress security plugin that takes care of numerous things. It includes firewall program security, database security, logon security and more.

It limits failed login attempts and blocks security scanners, fake traffic, IP blocking and code scanners. It keeps examining the code of WordPress core plugins, files and themes. In case of any known infection, it notifies admin. It also enhances the efficiency of your website by including caching. It includes an integrated file supervisor for access. It protects WordPress websites against numerous vulnerabilities consisting of XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection, SQL Injection and many other. This plugin keeps itself updated with new vulnerabilities to keep your website safeguarded. It keeps on upgrading it according to new exploits and vulnerabilities.

It also has a professional version which offers some sophisticated functions to enhance the security of your site. The complimentary version is popular enough to make your website protected.

4. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is also a nice WordPress security plugin which claims to provide 30+ methods to protect and safeguard your WordPress site. With one click installation, you can stop automated attacks and secure your website. It also fixes numerous common security holes in your website.

It tracks signed up users’ activity and includes two-factor authentication, import/export settings, password expiration, malware scanning, and various other things.

If there is any possible vulnerability in your site, it tries and scans the entire website to find. It likewise prevents brute force attacks and restriction IP addresses that try to brute force. It also requires users to utilize protected passwords and requires SSL for admin area in server support. Unlike other plugins, the GeoIP banning function is not offered. But the company has assured to bring this function quickly. We can not state precisely when, but it says the function is coming quickly. It likewise incorporates Google reCAPTCHA to prevent remark spam on your site.

5. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One-WP Security & Firewall is another popular WordPress security plugin to check vulnerabilities in your WordPress website. This plugin is easy to utilize and lowers the security threats by adding advised security practices.

It safeguards versus brute force login attack and lockdown if somebody tries to brute force. It also sends you an e-mail notice if someone gets locked out due to failed login efforts. If a user tries to save a weak password and forces him/her to utilize a strong password, it identifies. It also keeps an eye on the account activity of all users and keeps an eye on username, IP and login date time.

It likewise protects PHP code by disabling admin location modifying. It rejects bad inquiry strings, prevent XSS, CSRF, SQL injection, destructive bots and other security dangers.

It likewise has a WordPress security scanner which keeps track of files and notifies you about each change in your WordPress system. It can also detect harmful code in your WordPress website.

6. 6Scan Security

6Scan Security is a popular auto-fix-security plugin for your WordPress website. It can secure your site from hackers. It offers rule-based security for your site and attempts to keep the security of your website as much as date.

It has a security scanner which scans and secure your site against SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting, CSRF, Directory traversal, Remote file consisting of, DOS attack and other OWASP leading 10 security vulnerabilities.

It also has an automatic malware repair for malware-related problems on your website. Like other plugins, it likewise sends e-mail notifications if there is anything major in your site.

7. Defender

Defender is the new kid on the block of WordPress security plugins and probably one of the most interesting totally free entrants. As all the typical features (checking your site for security hacks while scanning core files for concerns and vulnerabilities) most likely the most exciting thing about Defender is that it also comes with an entire stack of functions that you usually have to pay for that keep you websites specifically safe and secure.
2 factor authentication (utilizing Google Authenticator), audit logging (specifically useful when determining if and when something did go incorrect and repairing it), IP blacklisting, 404 restricting and actually solid e-mail notifies to make sure that you can rest at ease that your WordPress site is well looked after.
Obviously, being a WPMU DEV plugin it likewise works great with Multisite and there’s a premium version offered with their free trial that will offer you some extra frequency and thorough scans in addition to skilled WP support to help you spruce up any particular problems or keep up an incredibly innovative security setup you ‘d like to execute.

8. Acunetix WP Security Scan

Acunetix WP Security Scan is the WordPress security plugin by Acunetix. Acunetix is a popular business in web application security. It provides a security-scanning tool to discover vulnerabilities in web applications. This plugin helps you secure your WordPress site and recommends procedures to improve the security. It provides file-authorization security, variation hiding, admin defense, eliminating WP generator tag from source, and database security.

It removes much info from the source code of the page which can be used in the info-gathering procedure before the attack. This consists of style upgrade details, plugin update info, actually easy discover meta tag, WordPress variation, Windows live write meta tag, error details from the login page, variations from scripts, versions from style sheets, database and php mistake reporting.

It also uses a database backup tool to take a backup of your website. With its live traffic monitor tool, you can examine traffic in actual time. It likewise scans your site to inform known web application vulnerabilities.

9. JetPack

Jetpack’s secure authentication module allows you (or your users) to login to your WordPress site utilizing account.

You can also set up the module to only permit users to visit if their account email address match with the e-mail ID utilized to produce the user account in your Additionally, you can require your website’s users to log in using two-factor authentication with

Backup and Restore from Jetpack is a premium module starting at $39/year. It makes automatic backups and supports one-click remediation. What’s intriguing is how the backup is made.

Jetpack basically takes a backup whenever an occasion takes place. An event can consist of a page and post creation/modification, comment style, submission/modification and plugin updates, setups, or adjustments, and additions of or modifications to user accounts.

Jetpack likewise keeps an Activity Log of all the occasions, noted in sequential order. Every entry in this Activity Log works as a restore point. Simply click on an occasion and pick between downloading the backup, or restoring your site to that point.

10. WPS Hide Login

WPS Hide Login is an extremely light plugin that lets you quickly and safely change the URL of the login kind page to anything you want. It does not actually relabel or change files in core, nor does it include reword rules. It just obstructs page requests and deals with any WordPress site. The wp-admin-directory site and wp-login. Php page becomes inaccessible, so you need to remember the URL or bookmark. Deactivating this plugin brings your site back precisely to the state it was before.


Maintaining your WordPress website is extremely important. You cannot have a WordPress CMS website and never update it. If you ignore important updates then you are just asking for serious trouble. If you do not have time or the knowledge to maintain your WordPress website then we highly suggest you hire a professional company to handle your website maintenance for you.

If you believe that your WordPress security could be improved or you think you may have been hacked please contact us for a website security audit and we can help you stay updated and secure for years to come.