Are you tired of manually organizing data that would normally take hours to organize? Are you looking for ways to put your system and processes in place to automate repetitive tasks?

Productivity means having things done quicker, cheaper, and better for most businesses. However, data organization is time-consuming and requires attention, expertise, and effort to manage properly.

Many companies are automating their data management to reduce costs and increase efficiency. There are several task automation tools out there you can try to streamline your day-to-day business activities.

Here Are 32 Task Automation Tools for You to Try

Many reasons exist why businesses struggle with business growth, and some of them are due to a lack of time management skills. For example, some tasks take more time to complete compared to others. Automating these tedious processes can help save time and effort. In addition, automating repetitive tasks can also free up time, helping you focus on those high-value activities.

For Accounting

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a free online service offered by Google. You can use it to create spreadsheets or databases. It also comes with many features that help you manage your data efficiently.


Harvest helps you track employee hours, productivity, and other important business metrics. Your employees will be able to quickly and easily record their time spent on various projects. In addition, you’ll get an instant snapshot of your company’s finances and how well each department performs. All your data will be readily available so you can analyze trends, spot problems early, and act before the damage gets out of hand.


Gusto is an invoice task management system that makes managing invoices easier than ever. With this software, you can automatically manage payments, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and even taxes. This program also saves employees time by allowing them to process invoices without wasting extra time entering data manually. Your payroll department can turn into a well-oiling machine since it will be much less work to use this program instead.

For Communication


Audio processing tool Auphonic saves you time by automating tasks that take hours or days to do manually. For example, you can upload files to Auphonic without knowing how audio works. All you need to do is paste your audio file into the box on the website. Auphonic then takes over the rest. It processes your audio, adds intro and outro music, and creates a podcast ready to publish.

Auphonic allows users to process two hours of audio per month without any cost. This includes the processing time and storage space. Users can also pay for additional credit for one-time usage or purchase a subscription for nine hours of audio.

It’s an extremely useful email marketing tool that helps you stay up-to-date on emails. It bounces them back to you in five days. It does this by sending automated emails to the person you want to be notified about your activity.

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