Are you tired of manually organizing data that would normally take hours to organize? Are you looking for ways to put your system and processes in place to automate repetitive tasks?

Productivity means having things done quicker, cheaper, and better for most businesses. However, data organization is time-consuming and requires attention, expertise, and effort to manage properly.

Many companies are automating their data management to reduce costs and increase efficiency. There are several task automation tools out there you can try to streamline your day-to-day business activities.

Here Are 32 Task Automation Tools for You to Try

Many reasons exist why businesses struggle with business growth, and some of them are due to a lack of time management skills. For example, some tasks take more time to complete compared to others. Automating these tedious processes can help save time and effort. In addition, automating repetitive tasks can also free up time, helping you focus on those high-value activities.

For Accounting

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a free online service offered by Google. You can use it to create spreadsheets or databases. It also comes with many features that help you manage your data efficiently.


Harvest helps you track employee hours, productivity, and other important business metrics. Your employees will be able to quickly and easily record their time spent on various projects. In addition, you’ll get an instant snapshot of your company’s finances and how well each department performs. All your data will be readily available so you can analyze trends, spot problems early, and act before the damage gets out of hand.


Gusto is an invoice task management system that makes managing invoices easier than ever. With this software, you can automatically manage payments, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and even taxes. This program also saves employees time by allowing them to process invoices without wasting extra time entering data manually. Your payroll department can turn into a well-oiling machine since it will be much less work to use this program instead.

For Communication


Audio processing tool Auphonic saves you time by automating tasks that take hours or days to do manually. For example, you can upload files to Auphonic without knowing how audio works. All you need to do is paste your audio file into the box on the website. Auphonic then takes over the rest. It processes your audio, adds intro and outro music, and creates a podcast ready to publish.

Auphonic allows users to process two hours of audio per month without any cost. This includes the processing time and storage space. Users can also pay for additional credit for one-time usage or purchase a subscription for nine hours of audio.

It’s an extremely useful email marketing tool that helps you stay up-to-date on emails. It bounces them back to you in five days. It does this by sending automated emails to the person you want to be notified about your activity.

Once your email client gets used to doing most things automatically, it will be extremely useful. For example, you won’t even remember when you last had an important email address because you always use your email client to check your mail.

Mailparser automates tedious processes by extracting data from recurring emails. Structured data like spreadsheets and databases are created automatically.

Drift automates the customer service process by using chatbots to answer common questions, schedule sales calls, and connect customers with the right support reps, thus, improving customer experience.


Grasshopper is a very useful tool for automating boring tasks. For example, it allows you to create working phone numbers as toll-free numbers or even call back to another location. Depending on the situation, you can also use this tool to automate calls by creating different locations to connect to.

Grasshopper allows users to contact contractors directly via email or text messages as an online service. In addition, users can customize their message by selecting a greeting and choosing an extension. This feature helps to increase leads and sales.


Slack is a messaging app that enables communication among teams. For example, marketing team leaders can use Slack to schedule meetings and collaborate on projects. There is also a video conference feature allowing for remote collaboration.


Sanebox is an app that helps users organize emails by creating folders. It also allows them to set rules for what types of messages should be sent to specific folders. This is done by setting filters based on the subject line or content of the message. Users can then control how often these filters run using the app’s settings. Unfortunately, email scheduling software does not allow you to snooze your emails or follow up on them later. It also does not let you block out time for yourself. This program costs $59 per year.

Woodpecker helps automate your cold emailing and follow-up sequences, so none of your cold emails get lost.

For Marketing


ActiveCampaign is an excellent email marketing solution for any size team or enterprise. It seamlessly integrates into other systems and offers many features, including customizable templates, call-to-actions, personalization, and much more. In addition, each version of the software is affordable.

Content Snare

Content Snare provides a centralized tool for your clients to access all the client content and data you require easily. You can also set reminders when they should be working on something. This means you do not have to chase after them each time they want to update you. automatically sends emails/texts to your website visitors when they do something on your site.


Leadformly is an easy-to-use lead management software that segments leads and boosts form conversions on web pages. Combined with ActiveCampaign, this tool is especially useful because it allows you to send out personalized emails based on your collected information about each lead.


When it comes to paid advertising, it’s always best to start things off with simple routes. In that sense, the WordStream platform can be an ideal choice for smaller businesses and teams. With its 20-minute working week feature, you can set up and manage basic campaigns without hassle or stress. Moreover, WordStream offers a great solution for easing into the more complex settings of Google Ads when PPP marketing is concerned.

For Project Management


The board system helps people collaborate by assigning tasks to different team members. Automation allows users to create tasks and assign them to specific individuals. When the due date changes, the task automatically updates the calendar of the assigned individual. This means that the person who created the task gets notified of any problems or delays. The software makes sure that someone else takes over the responsibility of completing the task.

Asana integrates with RingCentral allowing you to sync updates like those noted above directly within your RingCentral team messaging app. This helps reduce email overload and keeps you always in the loop regarding project statuses.

Coda is an all-in-one document app. It helps you create a workflow that is perfect for your team. You can share files directly with other users and collaborate easily. Coda also supports markdown formatting, allowing you to write notes using Markdown syntax. It is easy to use and requires minimal training.

With Coda, there is an easy way to create documents such as presentations, spreadsheets, or even drawings. Then, you can share them with other people easily. Coda also has many features such as templates, themes, and more. There are also pricing plans available starting at $10 per month.


ClickUp is one of the most used tools for project management automation. It allows for automatically assigned users to specific tasks and comments posted whenever the task status changes, keeping track of deadlines and automatically changing the task to a higher priority as the deadline.


Zapier is an easy-to-use app that connects various applications. It allows you to automate tedious tasks that take too much time or effort. You can connect your favorite apps using Zapier to make them work as one. With Zapier, you can also connect to different platforms. This becomes easier for you to perform any task across different devices.


Trello is an online task manager used by businesses to manage projects. It allows users to create lists, add items to each list, comment on each item, attach files, and share them with others. Users can also check the status of each list and see what tasks are assigned to them. Trello is integrated with several other services, including Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office 365. is a simple tool for automating tasks across apps. You can create custom workflows using drag-and-drop widgets. also offers integration with RingCentral.

For Time Tracking


Manage your remote team efficiently using actiTIME. This software seamlessly integrates with other business tools, allowing you to distribute your tasks and projects hassle-free. You can also use it to create invoices, track PTO accruals and costs, and much more. actiTIME is available as both a web application and a Chrome extension or iOS app.

For Scheduling


Having an online calendar allows you to send out fewer emails and reduces the chances of scheduling conflicts. In addition, your prospective clients can access your Google calendar and select any day and time slot that suits them. This helps you make sure that you’re available for your clients at all times.

Calendly is a great tool for scheduling. It allows you to handle all your client’s direct bookings without additional hassle. It also includes payment collection and various other features. Calendly offers two options – a free basic plan and paid plans starting at $10 per user per month.

For Social Media


With Expandi, you can easily get qualified leads on LinkedIn by automating various activities such as sending personalized messages, scheduling emails, and setting up automated campaigns. You can also customize your message based on the recipient’s profile or interests. Additionally, you can set frequency limits and quotas to ensure that your team does not exceed them.


Hootsuite is an online tool that helps you manage multiple social media accounts. For example, you can schedule posts across all your social media accounts in one place.

IFTTT is a free website that allows you to automate tasks by connecting apps together. You can use IFTTT to post to multiple social media accounts or back up your files.

For Workflows is an automation tool that helps you automate your processes and workflow across multiple platforms. It updates one application when another application is triggered.