If you want tips to boost your business growth, then here we present you strategies and tools to help you grow your email list fast. If done correctly, these can generate thousands of dollars per month into your pocket. It all starts with building a quality relationship between yourself and your customers, but don’t stop there because once you start growing your customer base, you’ll want to keep them happy and satisfied. This article lists easy-to-do strategies that can help you increase your email list. It also contains a list of tools that can assist your lead generation campaign.

Tips to Help You Grow Your Email List Fast

Many things go into building an email list. And while some strategies work better than others, there are still plenty of things you can do to get started today! Here are what you can do:

Create a One-of-a-Kind Email Content

Create content that stands apart from other email addresses you send. This will make people want to open up your messages instead of just hitting “delete” on them. Always think about how you can stand out when creating any message. For example, if you have a product or service that helps people save money, then consider including tips like this: “Did you know that…?”

Use Different Types of Email Subscriptions to Target Your Audience

Segmenting your email address lists allows you to send targeted messages based on who receives your emails. It also gives you insight into which types of buyers respond better to certain kinds of messages.

Create an Engaging Optin Message and Send It to Your Old List

Do you have an older list of the contact form that you suspect is mostly decaying? Create an engaging opt-in message, send it to this list, encourage contacts to opt back in if they’d like, and promise to delete all contacts who do not respond.

Though it seems counter-intuitive to remove people from your email signup form to try to grow them, sending emails to contacts who you know are engaged can help improve your deliverability, and surely your message will be shared with others.

Use Automated Drip Campaigns

If you’re looking to start growing your email subscribers quickly, then using automation tools may be exactly what you need. These programs allow you to create customized emails that automatically send to subscribers over time. They’ll even handle or unsubscribe, so you don’t lose valuable leads.

The best part is that these systems often include built-in reporting features to see where your efforts are working. You won’t lose time figuring out why your campaign isn’t performing. Instead, you can focus on making sure future campaigns perform better.

Use a Drip Campaign for New Leads

A drip campaign is when you send regular messages to prospects over several days or weeks before asking them to sign-up for your newsletter. The idea behind this strategy is to build trust and interest among potential buyers while slowly introducing yourself to them.

Send Personalized Welcome Emails

When someone joins your email list, create a personalized welcome email thanking them for joining and inviting them to connect with other users within your community.

Create a Gated Lead Generation Offer

Gated content helps ensure that only qualified leads get access to your product or service. This approach works best for products with no risk involved or services where you don’t expect immediate sales.

Build a Relationship with Your Subscribers

It helps if you strived to maintain a positive relationship with your subscribers by keeping them informed about what’s going on at your business via social media platforms such as posts, blog articles, etc.

Remove Inactive Subscribers from Your Email List

This one might seem obvious, but removing inactive subscribers from your email list is the most effective way to keep your contact database fresh and avoid losing new customers. In addition, removing inactive subscribers ensures that your email address gets delivered to those who care enough to receive it.

There are many ways to manage your subscriber base. But regardless of whether you use software or manually clean up your data, remember to purge old subscribers from your mailing list regularly. Doing so helps you stay focused on building relationships with active contacts and prevent your list from becoming stale.

Use Automation Tools for Segmentation

Automated campaigns work well when targeting certain groups within your customer base based on location, gender, age, income level, etc. This allows you to create personalized messages tailored specifically to each recipient.

Host a Giveaway on Your Social Media Accounts

Use your social media channels and accounts to promote a free giveaway that requires people to provide their email addresses to enter. Business owners encourage their followers to click through and sign up using their email address.

Create a Lead Magnet with a Freebie

A lead magnet is any downloadable asset that helps drive traffic to your website. It could be anything from a white paper to a checklist to a video tutorial. The idea behind lead magnets is that you’re creating a sense of urgency around getting more information about what you have to offer by offering these assets away for free.

Lead magnets work best when paired with another tactic, like a webinar or event registration form.

Content Upgrades

Email content upgrades allow you to give existing subscribers special discounts and perks without asking them to fill out email signup forms again. They also ensure that all recipients see similar messaging since they already know how valuable your brand is.

Note that not everyone wants an upgraded experience. If you want to add value to every person in your audience, this isn’t the right option. Instead, opt for targeted content upgrades depending on individual interests.

The key here is to find something that resonates with your target market. Some examples of valuable content upgrades include cheat sheets, guides, case studies, webinars, and the likes.

Send Follow-up Emails after Initial Interactions

After someone submits their email address, ask them whether they want to subscribe to your newsletter or other types of email updates.

Profile Cover Photos Are Great Areas to Call Attention to Your Email Campaign

You can call people’s attention by using your Facebook profile cover photo. You should use this space to highlight and call attention to your email newsletter. If your graphic is high quality, you can entice people to submit their email addresses to get more benefit from the content you provide. If you want people to submit their email addresses, make it easy for them to do so. You can use this method to create a list of email subscribers who have submitted their email addresses.

Use Your Facebook Post That Showcases a Preview of Your Email Newsletter

Posting a snippet of your email newsletters on Facebook is a great way to generate interest in your newsletter and entice people to sign up for your email list. You can include a link to the sign-up page so that they can easily sign up.

Promote Content in Your Facebook Posts That Encourage Email Submission to Access

Promoting content that encourages people to submit their email addresses to you is a great way to increase your email subscribers. Ensure to include social sharing buttons on your landing and thank-yous pages so that your leads can share this content within their networks.

YouTube Video Descriptions and Landing Page Links Are Great Areas to Promote Your Emails

Your Youtube video descriptions should include any unique elements you want viewers to know about your content. You can then use those same descriptions to drive traffic to your website. For example, you should use this tip if you create how-tos and other instructional videos and encourage users to subscribe to your content by adding a link in your description. Doing so will increase the likelihood that they will return to watch more of your video.

Adding an Email Button to Your Business Page

To get the emails of your Facebook fans, you may add an “email me” subscribe button to your Facebook fan page. However, this tool is mainly used for service needs so that your customers can contact you for questions or issues. Also, it allows you to ask them if they would like to receive more emails.

Don’t Add Too Many Fields to Your Landing Pages

As tempting as to collect as much data as possible, it is better to collect less information than too much. Too many fields can discourage visitors who do not want to fill out all of the fields. Keep the number of fields to just two to three.

Send Personalized Emails to Existing Clients

Personalized emails give businesses a chance to connect with past buyers and remind them why they chose your product/service before sending them promotional offers.

Mobile Optimization Is More Important than Ever

Make sure your emails include images and other media. While you can send longer emails on mobile devices, they might be cut off if the user doesn’t scroll down enough to see them.

Keep the formatting under 600 pixels wide. Use a larger text size since smaller ones are difficult to read. Don’t assume images will be displayed but make sure it does look good. Don’t flood your content with too many images. Use smaller images. Please make sure they’re easy to tap with a thumb, but don’t place two links next together or on top of each other. That way, the users won’t accidentally tap the wrong link by accident.

Add a Link to your Email Sign-ups to Pages across Your Website

Create CTA buttons that link to offers that capture email sign-ups. These should be placed on key pages that include the About Us page, Contact Us page, and of course, the homepage.

Offering a Free Trial

Free trials can be very effective when a potential customer does not trust you or wants to learn more about what you offer beforehand.

Slide-in Scroll Boxes Are an Effective Tool to Grow Your Email List

Non-intrusive tools such as slide-in boxes are also useful in growing lists. These types of tools are similar to pop-up ads. For example, you can use slide-in boxes to create lead magnets which you can use to turn visitors into subscribers.

You can use these pop-ups to show related content or offers. They are quite visible and sit quietly. While they do not disturb the flow of the website, they can improve the user experience.

Some things you can do to make slide-in scroll boxes more effective are to personalize your campaigns by making sure they’re relevant to your site visitors. For example, never show the same campaign twice as it can affect user engagement. Instead, create a short but attractive call-to-action.

A good headline is also essential. You must describe the page content and make it clear why the visitor should read it. Don’t use generic headlines such as “Learn More About XYZ” – instead, try something like “Why XYZ Is Better Than ABC”.

Use Surveys and Quizzes to Build Your Mailing List

Surveys are great tools to get feedback from your visitors. However, you can tweak them to capture email addresses and build a mailing list.

With surveys, you can include questions that make people take note. For example, you could ask them about their political views. Or you might ask them about a particular topic they’re interested in. Of course, there are many other ways to do this. But, again, it would be best if you think creatively.

Use Inline Optin and After-Post Forms within Your Blog Posts

After you scroll down past the top of the article, the form appears. This means that the user is already interested in your content. Therefore, they are much more likely to subscribe. You can also use inline opt-in forms within your posts. The middle of your post is the point where users engage with the content. Remind them to sign up at this point, and you’ll see conversion rates increase.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Showings to Users Right after They Land on Your Page

Displaying pop-ups is a good idea if you want to sell something. But if you do not want to sell anything, you may be better off waiting until they have become familiar with your site before displaying them. You could also consider delaying the display of pop-ups based on the amount of time a user spends on your page or how far down the page the user navigated.

Entry pop-ups, however, may be useful in some cases. For instance, they could work for online stores. In addition, you can offer special discounts to new visitors or buyers in exchange for their email addresses.

Create a Dedicated Landing Page for Your Newsletter

There are many occasions where having a dedicated landing page for your newsletter will be useful. This should be a simple page that focuses on the core benefit of what people get out of signing up to your email list. The idea behind this is that people see an action button before a form and are more likely to complete an action they have already started. They may also be more inclined to sign up if they know a specific reason they want to receive your emails, such as a discount or freebie offer.

Use the 404 Page Error to Create an Email List

When someone visits your site and sees a page that does not work, they will see the error message. Usually, there is additional information included on such error page