It’s time to figure out where you want your company to go next year. Is this year going to be better or worse than the previous? This isn’t a question of hope versus pessimism. Rather, it’s a question of exactly knowing what you want from the new year. If you have little idea where you want to take your company, then 5 tips to rock your marketing strategy next year.

Here Are 5 Tips to Rock Your Marketing Strategy for the New Year

The long-term success of your business and marketing plan depends on every single aspect. Therefore, as you seek to improve your company’s performance, you should also consider marketing strategy.

Commerce Channel Expansions

Coronavirus has brought limitations, so the eCommerce channels became a lifeline for businesses. Be online and be present, delivering simply the best client care service. Consider going online with different marketplaces, e-stores, apps, and other e-points of sales that fit your clients. There might appear the problem of product information distribution and adapting your products descriptions for various retailers’ needs.

When you set up an online store for your business, you want to make sure that your customers can find your website when they search for your products or services on the web. As a result, you should build multiple eCommerce channels with different marketing strategies to attract your target audience.

You can try these networking tips to see which one suits your business:

Content Creation

There are plenty of great content creation tools available in the market nowadays. However, there is no better way to create content than hiring a content marketing expert when it comes to creating content. They can help you create more engaging content which is optimized for SEO. You don’t need any coding skills for this process as those types of software allow you to write and publish from anywhere, at any time.

However, if you are not comfortable with these programs, use platforms like Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, etc. These websites offer simple layout designs and user-friendly interfaces. Then, of course, you have to fill in the blanks and add your images.

Use Social Media

Social media advertising is an effective form of internet marketing. This online marketing tactic allows you to reach out to your current and potential clients within seconds. In addition, social media marketing is usually much cheaper than traditional offline marketing, which takes days of direct communication and interaction with people.

Social media marketing is very diverse, meaning that each platform has its unique features. For instance, Facebook offers free advertisements while Instagram only offers paid ads. LinkedIn is mainly an employment-oriented network where users are often looking for jobs. While Twitter uses real-time updates, Snapchat is used to share secrets and live videos.

In addition, if you are planning to develop a separate website for your eCommerce business, then make sure that all of your pages are well-optimized for tablet and mobile devices. The reason is to ensure that everyone who visits your page feels right at home.

At the same time, the design must also reflect your company’s brand identity by providing a pleasant experience for your website visitors.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Design

Although smartphones were first introduced in 2008, many marketers still rely heavily on desktop and laptop computers to conduct their daily tasks. That’s why having a responsive website design is important.

A website’s responsiveness means that every browser can view the site without problems. Since many people now have access to the Internet via smartphones and tablets, having a responsive design enhances the quality of browsing your website, improves user experience, and increases customer engagement.

Customer Service

Successful eCommerce marketing strategies always provide excellent customer service. Customers expect immediate responses from retailers via chat, email, and phone calls. Unfortunately, 37% of shoppers leave an online store before purchasing anything due to poor customer support or inadequate delivery times. Therefore, they need to implement a customer care team that provides top-notch assistance.

Start Your First Drip Campaign

Besides the traditional and necessary email marketing approach, you can also boost your online sales with email list marketing automation. For example, you can kick off the first email by telling your regular customers about the biggest steals they could get. Then, you can send out emails featuring gifts, coupons for exclusive deals, or a video tease about a new product.

Send out your last two or three emails in the 48 hours leading up to your seasonal sales day. These can feature a sneak peek into how you’re preparing for that said campaign, an interview with your company’s top execs, or a clever commercial. Ensure to include links to your website on every email to capture the traffic!

Drip campaigns give you full control of when and how often your leads receive messages from your business. As long as you keep them engaged, they’ll be more likely to convert into potential customers. By setting up automated emails at different times throughout the day, you can send out messages at just the right moments.

You can even adjust your drip campaign based on what works best for your business—whether it’s sending out promotional emails during weekday mornings or weekend nights when there’s typically less competition for attention.

You want to build relationships with your buyers and customers to create loyal fans. To do that, you need to nurture each relationship, not just one sale at a time.

You can cultivate lasting connections by offering discounts on repeat orders and creating loyalty programs for returning customers, leading to increased profits and better search engine rankings.

Switch to Social Media Platform Business Profiles

Business owners use their profiles on social media to connect with potential customers. However, this doesn’t always work out for them. To get more likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter, they perform their product marketing through these social networks. But if you want to engage with your audience using Instagram accounts, try promoting yourself as an influencer in your industry instead of focusing on the number of followers.

If you want to use Instagram effectively for your business, you need to know how it works intuitively. For example, you don’t need to pay for ads if you list your business’ name and contact details on your Instagram accounts.

Business owners who want to create an effective business profile need to focus on their main selling points, events, products launches, or values propositions.

A mistake people often make is adding links to their websites without thinking through whether they’re useful for visitors. Update your links when there’s something new happening on your site. Make sure your content has an obvious CTA (call to action) so people know where they’re supposed to go after reading it.

Optimize Your Business Information

Your opening hours should include weekends and public holidays, as well as any other time when you’re closed. You should also specify what kind of payments you accept.

Finally, describe your products and services in detail. And your descriptions should tell what kind of cuisine you serve, if there is a take-out option if you are accessible to people with disabilities, etc.

Your business name should include your city or town. Include your street address if possible. You may want to add a phone number and a toll-free number. In addition, you should provide some quick history of your company.

This is important because it shows how long you’ve been around. Next, offer some service or product that people might want to buy.

Make sure this is written so that it is easy to find. Finally, make sure that you offer them something that will help them get more information about your business.

If you don’t have any information about your business, you’ll probably lose potential clients. They’ll assume you don’t know much about your business, which could turn away customers who would otherwise become regulars.

You need to list your email address, telephone number, postal address, and fax number. This gives customers a chance to contact you directly. It’s also beneficial for those wanting to send you a message.

Make sure that you can easily access these details. For example, you can put them on your website or social media profiles. Also, try to keep your contact information up-to-date so that your customers always know where they can reach you.

Do Some Live Streaming

Live streams should include a lot of hype to attract viewers. In addition, events shouldn’t be a one-off but a part of a broader and cohesive marketing campaign.

Live streaming is an effective marketing tool for many reasons. It allows you to connect with customers personally, build trust, sell products or services, increase search engine rankings, improve brand awareness, and generate leads.

Live streaming works because it provides all the benefits of traditional marketing channels while offering additional benefits like better customer experience, increased seasonal sales opportunities, greater engagement, exposure, conversion rates, and more.

However, before you start live streaming, you should have a proper plan in place. First, determine what goals you want to accomplish by live streaming. Is it to get more views? Are you trying to drive traffic? Increase your conversion rates? Or are you simply looking to engage visitors?

Once you decide on your main goal, it’s time to think about what tools to use to achieve that objective. For example, use a scheduling app like Hootsuite to manage your schedule, Buffer to post a series of videos or photos at set times, Facebook Live to record video tutorials, Instagram stories to share images and short clips, or Snapchat to create mini-videos.

It helps you reach people where they are and when they want to be reached. For example, if you are an online marketer offering products or services over the Internet, live streaming allows you to sell directly to customers while they watch. If you already own a webcam, microphone, and speakers, you can easily set up a live stream for free.

Create a simple YouTube account, choose the video set to “live stream,” and upload your content. You can even start earning money after only 1 hour of live streaming!

To End

With these marketing tips, you can improve your business this year. ITD Webdesign consists of a team of professionals who can assist you with your SEO and other digital marketing campaigns. Give us a call.