How do you get the right people to notice your local business in the crowded field of Google Search? What are the top local SEO mistakes businesses make when they try to optimize their websites for local searches?

When consumers search for things locally, they expect to see nearby businesses listed at or near the top of search results. This is a comprehensive guide to identifying local SEO mistakes so you can easily avoid them.

Why Should You Bother with Local SEO?

When searching Google, people often type something into the search box, then scroll down the page until they the answer. Local SEO deals with relevant searches by ensuring your business appears when someone types a word into the search bar. It could be a city name or a street address.

However, if you’re doing it right, this means that potential customers who are physically near your store will also see an ad related to your business. If you have a physical store, this is one of the marketing strategies you can do online. In addition, business blogs improve your website’s brand awareness.

Here Are the Top Local SEO Mistakes You Should Know

If you are still relying on old methods to improve your local rankings, you may be missing out on more business opportunities. Here are the top local SEO mistakes you might have overlooked.

Google Doesn’t Know Your Physical Location

A common mistake you can make is not including your physical location on your GMB page. To help Google understand where your businesses are located and put you in the right local search results, you must have up-to-date contact details in all the correct places, as these can dramatically improve your online searches. So it’s vital to align your details across all the different platforms you run on. Search engines will verify and double-check your data to ensure that everything matches up.

You Don’t Have the Right Local SEO Structured Data

Many ranking factors influence the success of small business SEO, including name, address, phone number. So, of course, it would help if you made sure that these components match up correctly at all times. But there is one thing that is most important for your business: Your NAP which stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number.

The best way to present these details to search engine spiders is by using local business structure data added to your website. It’s important to use Schema markup details correctly. Add these in the correct formatting, using details. If it seems too technical for you, use an easy-to-use local SEO plugin, which helps you set this up easily. It also helps to add your location and perhaps your state in the page titles for better recognition.

Set up your NAP, including your business name, physical address, email address, and phone number. Make sure to include them in HTML on your website. Search engines like Google and Bing will use these details when crawling your website, meaning that your NAP is important if you want your website to show up on mobile searches in your area.

Googlebot will ignore any page unless the NAP is included in the title tag. Only include the NAP in the title if you want Google to index your website. Some webmasters include the NAP in other parts of the website as well.

For example, a company might directly put the NAP in the HTML code before the closing body tag. This is called a NAP injection technique. It would help if you never did this because Google may detect this practice as deceptive. However, if you’re already using the NAP injection technique, you can add a sitemap to your site by creating XML files.

You Didn’t Setup Your Google My Business Account

Google My Business (GMB) is a free business profile that you set up to help promote businesses in the search results and Google Maps. This official Google tool helps you to rank in your local area. The tool also gives lots of options to manage and optimize your listings. You can add extra features such as photos and opening hours to make your business profile more complete.

You’ll set up a Google My Business profile and add structured data to your website. Always use the same name, address, and telephone number on your website and your Google My Business Listing. Be sure to include your relevant links in your GMB Listing too! This is the only way for Google to understand your relationship.