Learn WordPress, the most trusted and popular CMS.

Learn WordPress and understand how to build a WordPress website that’s easy to create and edit on your own.

A CMS that most developers, website owners, professionals, marketers, web design and SEO agencies, and companies worldwide trust to use for their sites.

They choose the WordPress content management system (CMS) for its great designs, powerful features, and the flexibility to build everything they want. WordPress is free, innovative, and priceless.

Follow some of these questions that can help you learn WordPress.

Learn WordPress to Guide Your Way to SEO

Meet WordPress, the open-source publishing platform you can use to manage your beautiful website, blog, or app. It has over 38% of the web, according to w3techs.com, that uses this content management system. A powerful CMS with limitless features, an SEO-friendly platform, customizable designs, and can meet your small to biggest online needs.

Take a closer look at these basic standpoints and the best ways to learn WordPress CMS. It can guide your way to learn WordPress step by step, effectively, and efficiently in no time. Use this to power your website to become home to your customers, audiences, and search engines.

Learning the WordPress CMS is Easy

When learning WordPress, spend a few hours each day in 1-2 weeks until you are familiar with it. Start with basic search engine familiarity, a few search engine optimization (SEO) skills, and the knowledge to use search engine results pages (SERP) of Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others.

Be able to follow instructions from Professionals, Experts, and learn the best WordPress SEO tips online for easy learning.

Know some HTML, CSS, and other coding languages to your advantage, but it is not primarily needed to build a WordPress SEO.

Know, How Long Does It Take You To Learn WordPress?

Learning WordPress is, indeed, easy. If you want to reach a basic professional level, you’ll have to learn some coding to understand how a WordPress CMS works, make simple changes, and extend its ability to be a responsive website.

Knowing all these basic WordPress functions becomes your cornerstone. It relies on how fast you learn and how you go deeper into the open-source CMS. Spend more time and effort to get to the first step to learn WordPress CMS. Say in 3, 6, 12 months, by yourself or with online Webdesign and SEO partners you can trust. Make it a habit.

What are the Best Ways to Learn the WordPress CMS

Learn what are the Advantages of WordPress CMS

Learn WordPress for beginners, especially its advantages, which are limitless. It is great for SEO that comes with featured WordPress Plugins.

You can use it for any industry, be it big or small your website is. Understand the best ways to learn WordPress and how the CMS works to make it easy to grow traffic on your site or business.

Learn its advantages, disadvantages, key benefits, features like having built-in blog support, and secure WordPress platform, despite the rumors. Turn it into your basic facts in making WordPress easy to learn.

Learn what are the Disadvantages of WordPress CMS

WordPress depends heavily on plugins and themes for customization. Causing the website’s vulnerability and becoming a prime target for hackers.

However, you can get support from thousands of WordPress plugins for additional and security functions. It requires frequent theme and plugin updates, that is if done right.

Don’t fail to track and optimize your site to prevent poor ranking, slow page speed, loading, and other performance factors. It is common to most sites not only with a site using a WordPress CMS.

It happened to one of our clients, causing their site to go down from SERP ranking without notice. Prompting them to migrate to WordPress CMS, got them rescued, and brought them back online.

Learn what are the Key Benefits of WordPress CMS

Every system has its flaws, though. All you need is to create, manage, track, measure, and improve your WordPress website continually.

Doing so can earn you its key benefits – simplicity, flexibility, great media management, usability, findability, fully-supported troubleshooting, ease of publication, and full-standards WordPress CMS.

Getting you visible online and searchable quickly in the SERP.

Is it hard to build a WordPress website?

No, so long as you learn WordPress basics, you need not learn HTML or CSS to build your website using WordPress CMS. I’m sure you will like its drag and drop features using recommended WordPress Plugins.

Yes, there are plenty of WordPress builder plugins that are easy to use and customize your website. What you need to do is take the best ways to learn we have laid down for you.

Here are 16 Best Ways to learn WordPress free and build a great WordPress Website you can edit on your own.

16 Best Ways to Learn WordPress CMS

1 – Adapt, Learn the Right WordPress Guides for Beginners

Adapt and learn WordPress step by step using basic tutorials and great resources like this WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners. Check that these tutorials have first steps and handy beginner-level references on how to choose and create your first WordPress site.

Get insights from other web resources into how to secure web hosting, migration, adding an SSL certificate, finding and installing a WordPress CMS, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Theme, and configuring your theme before publishing your pages. After that, consider starting an SEO-optimized blog.

WordPress evolved as a simple blogging platform in 2003. Later, it has become a full CMS with thousands of plugins, themes, and widgets.

WordPress CMS is licensed under the General Public License (GPLv2) or its later versions. You can also learn the details to understand how WordPress works from all of the standard WordPress CMS features.

2 – Be Familiar with Common Errors on WordPress

A WordPress error message such as a white screen, an internal server error, establishing database connection, permalink issues, syntax, and images not working usually occur in any site. You don’t have to worry.

Someone must have experienced the same WordPress errors and were able to solve them with WordPress free support. You can get it from your web hosting provider when you use WordPress.org. Make it a starting point to fix and anticipate them. Please get familiar with these common WordPress errors – their causes, controls, reporting, warnings, how to fix them, and share them in the support forum.

There may be some page loading issues, permalink-related syntax, databases, and coding errors. It can help you install a fresh WordPress CMS, WordPress Plugins, deploy WordPress SEO, and other SEO-friendly tactics.

3 – Best Online Places to Learn How To Use WordPress

Start looking at these online places for the best ways to learn WordPress step by step and how to use its additional features. These are the best online resources that offer WordPress tutorials and training videos, and references to remove beginners’ guesswork using WordPress.

  • Ahrefs.com
  • Blog.hubspot.com/marketing/wordpress-website
  • Bluehost.com
  • Dreamhost.com
  • Elegantthemes.com
  • Envato.com
  • GoDaddy.com
  • Growmeo.com
  • Hostinger.com
  • ithemes.com/training
  • Kinsta.com
  • Learn.wordpress.org
  • Lynda.com
  • Makeawebsitehub.com
  • Neilpatel.com
  • OStraining.com
  • Smashingmagazine.com
  • SEMrush.com
  • Tutorialpoint.com
  • Tutsplus.com (Envato Tuts+)
  • Udemy.com
  • Vamtam.com
  • Woocommerce.com
  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.tv
  • Wpapprentice.com
  • Wpbeginner.com
  • Wpbuffs.com
  • Wpforms.com
  • Yoast.SEO
  • YouTube.com

4- Follow WordPress Blog for News and Updates

WordPress brings you countless best ways to learn WordPress free and brings your ideas free to life. With a brand-new WordPress website as your digital marketing canvas, it supports a growing collection of WordPress Plugins, functionalities, news, and updates.

Paint your website with SEO-enriched words, pictures, sound, or rich-embedded media. Follow the WordPress Blog for the latest innovations and trends on the WordPress CMS platform.

5 – Glossary of WordPress

WordPress has a Glossary listing designed to offer definitions of various terms exclusive to WordPress that users may not be familiar with. It is an easy-to-use glossary of common terms used on WordPress and other WordPress-related references and sites.

The glossary can help you learn, understand, and read commonly used WordPress terms and expressions in plain English.

6 – Learn WordPress Before and After Launching Your Blog

Installing WordPress is one thing, and it is another to learn WordPress before and after you launch your blog. The best online places (mentioned in the previous section) are your great online resources in learning WordPress at these stages. Know the basics, how it works, and the steps you need to set up, customize, and optimize your site.

Learn WordPress step by step, process by process, before publishing your blog. Check that you are ready before you go live. It can help you focus on your social media campaign, SEO digital content integration, and spread your high-quality blog posts on the web.

And ensure you have with you those online resources to be on the right track learning WordPress. Make your way through these best ways to learn WordPress free and clear your understanding of the platform. Keep these online references nearby to use them when the time comes.

7 – Learn WordPress Free Definitive Resources

Is WordPress really a free CMS platform, and what are the costs? These are commonly raised questions when we say WordPress is free.

Yes, you can download, customize, and use it for free. You can even sell the code as long as the release of the WordPress software is under the license of GNU General Public License (or GPL).

Learn WordPress CMS on the sites listed in the previous section for better SEO, content integration, and connectivity to the web.

The software itself is free, but you better check as you need to know how much it can cost running a WordPress website and the catch of choosing it over other CMS platforms. Know the possibilities of ending-up in paying for Hosting, Plugins, and Premium support later on.

8 – Learn WordPress Hosting & Migration

Numerous web hosting providers are crowding the market, which may confuse you all the more. Most have met WordPress’s minimum requirements, and getting one from the crowd can be a headache.

Know which is better WordPress CMS first, WordPress.com or WordPress.org, when it comes to WordPress Hosting. Please choose whether you host your site with WordPress.org (long-lasting freedom), which we suggest you do, or with WordPress.com that takes care of it all for you with an easy start but short life, less flexibility, and less freedom.

WordPress works best while in a rich hosting environment – this is key. And that is WordPress.org, the better WordPress CMS platform with more hosts than you can imagine. Plus, you can properly migrate to WordPress.org when you need to.

WordPress favors hosts that best