Use this comprehensive and practical guide on Joomla SEO Extensions for optimizing the ranking factors of your Joomla website.

You may wonder how you can improve your Joomla website’s ranking on Google, Bing, Yandex, among other search engines? Most people ask this question that opens the door to a deep ravine of mobile-ready, user-friendly, free, and open-source approaches to develop your website called Joomla SEO Extensions.

When you look for a variety of Joomla SEO resources on the web for Joomla websites to comprehend the functionalities of top Joomla extensions for your website SEO, you came to the right place. Unlike the rest that may only have less SEO value to contribute to your site’s overall ranking on Google SERPs, this list of top Joomla SEO Extensions is your perfect all-in-one guide. This is an excellent start to help you create or optimize an SEO enriched website and improve your overall ranking on Google SERPs or Google Search Engine Result Pages.

These are top Joomla extensions that include the All In One Joomla SEO extensions, Sitemap, Metadata, and Internal Links extension categories. Check the hyperlinks to each Joomla SEO extension listing for full details.

All In One Joomla SEO Extensions

1. Route 66 PRO

rt66 pro

There are a lot of Joomla SEO Extensions or SEO resources on the web for Joomla websites, such as Facebook integration, URL Canonicalization, Core Enhancements, Search Engine Friendly (SEF), SEO, and Metadata are the key compatibility features of Route 66 PRO, which Firecoders develops it to support Joomla Core content, JEvents, EasyBlog, K2, Virtuemart, HikaShop, eShop. The Route 66 Pro version allows you to perform SEO content analysis for any page in your Joomla site, and you have to enter the URL of the page you want to test and the SEO keyword. This feature works with all its components and supports Joomla SEO extension components, like the Flexible SEF URLs, SEO content analysis by Yoast, Facebook Instant Articles, and XML Sitemaps.

This All In One SEO Extensions for Joomla has a dynamic and high-performance URL generation functionality. Some of these functionalities, it can add the canonical URL to the page header, it can utilize the query as well as anchor variables that are appended to the URL (i.e., story/have-a-nice-day?modal=welcome ), and it can optimize your website to get a high score at Google Lighthouse/ PageSpeed by following its recommendations to make your Joomla site rank high in Google search engines. Also, Route 66 Pro can lazy load the images and the iframes of your site. This Joomla SEO Plugin also supports Facebook Instant Articles, allowing you to generate a feed of Facebook Instant Articles based on your website’s content.

You can filter the feed articles based on categories when you use Route 66 as it comes with built-in integration for Google Analytics, Google Lighthouse/ PageSpeed optimization, and Google DFP. Using Route 66 Pro makes it easy for Google and other search engines to discover your site content with XML sitemaps. It generates those sitemaps so that you can filter its content based on categories and Google’s publishing guidelines. The sitemap includes entries from Joomla articles, Menu items, K2 Items, Virtuemart Products, and Hikashop Product, and a lot more.



PWT SEO  can get the best organic SEO value out of your Joomla site by setting an SEO Keyword. It is fully integrated with Joomla, supports your content editors to write articles for Google, and gives real-time suggestions to improve your SEO score. It is named by users as the “Yoast for Joomla.” Do you have content that is not created for articles? You can test any Joomla-menu item, enter a custom URL of your Joomla website, and learn how to improve the SEO score of pages. PWT Extensions is the developer of this PWT SEO Plugin that designs it to analyze your site’s entire pages, with no exemptions, all including the articles. It uses all modules, menus, or any other content on the page to calculate the page’s SEO score.

PWT SEO checks pages like a search engine to improve the overall SEO and the SEO copywriting of your Joomla site. It has other extensions such as ACL Manager, PWT Site Map, and PWT Image. It is widely used in terms of optimum functionality, ease of use, support, documentation, and value for money.

3. RSSeo! Suite

RSSeo! Suite

RSSeo! Suite is packed with tools that allow you to optimize your site for search engines and improve the overall SEO performance score of your Joomla! site. This RSJoomla! SEO Plugin enables you to manage your metadata with ease from a single location. It includes key functionality and support features for title management, content optimization, site management, SEO metadata, creating sitemaps, handling error pages, setting up redirects, and tracking your website performance compared to your competition.

The primary functionality features of using RSSeo! Suite includes monitoring and comparison of the SEO performance of your website against your competitors. Or compare this kind of competitor data with the use of, like check the page rank, Google, Yahoo, Bing backlinks, as well as the number of indexed pages. You can indicate to search engines to crawl your website to index all of your web pages, set-up links that you want to ignore from crawling, and set-up automatic crawler instructions to follow or index new found pages using this Joomla SEO plugin. It is also essential that you monitor your Google position for the keywords that are relevant to your business. That is when you use this RSSeo! Suite, it automatically formats the keywords in bold, underlines, or assigns them links when they are found in the frontend. Obtain each page with its SEO performance score or grade. Set up each page of your website with a unique title and description.

You can optimize each page of your website and make it SEO perfect. To do this, all you do is follow the simple instructions on RSSeo! Suite. It integrates with Google Analytics in terms of site traffic sources, site visitors, and content reporting.

4. iJoomla SEO

iJoomla SEO

iJoomla SEO is one of the SEO resources on the web for Joomla websites that has Joomla SEO extensions that support Generator Tag, Content Optimization, Site Management, and SEO & MetaData functionalities. When you use this SEO extension, you can save almost all of your time doing Joomla SEO! This iSEO extension can assist you to manage Joomla articles metadata effectively, including SEO statistics, keywords linking, and monitor keywords with support for popular Joomla extensions such as Joomla Meta Tags Manager, On-Page Optimization easily, and Keywords Monitoring on Google. When you optimize your Joomla site for search engines, iJoomla SEO is your ultimate solution, that can help you:

  • Reduce your SEO time in optimizing your Joomla Site
  • Create and manage all your meta tags and redirect them effectively.
  • Mark essential keywords on Google for easy monitoring and keywords optimization
  • Build an anchor link for your essential keywords, and wrap keywords with bold, strong or underline tags
  • Automatically add an Alt-tag to images, and
  • Add HTML heading to Joomla CSS classes
  • Integrate with EasyBlog, EasySocial, JomSocial, k2, Kunena, Zoo, Gridbox, and other special Frontend Page scan features, keyword linking, and Alt-title for images.

A video tutorial is linked to each page of the iJoomla SEO backend. Thus, making it easy instead of reading a lengthy instruction, even if they provide a comprehensive manual for documentation purposes. You can learn more at their Home and Demo pages, and this plugin is also available in its Free and Pro versions. The iJoomla SEO extension also comes with a comprehensive Joomla SEO course.

5. sh404SEF


SH404SEF or sh404SEF could probably be the most known full Joomla SEO extension. It has key support functionality areas on Site Management, SEF, SEO & Metadata with SEO in mind to help improve search engine rankings and get more traffic to your website with just a few clicks. It has plenty of security and SEO features. SH404SEF and one of the most popular and longest developed Joomla SEO Extensions. Some of its features include SEF URL or URL rewriting, revising Joomla URL to user-friendly format in the way of preventing Joomla’s standard SEF duplicate content issues.

SH404SEF automatically adds robots meta tags required for full visibility in Google search engine results. It has universal support for Google Analytics and redesigns GA reports, making it to display on the front-end without having to log in. Adds social media icons to the website, and cards support for Twitter. Further improving SEO of paginated content and speed of sh404SEF. It can automatically generate tiny URLs or shURLs for your website content and manage bulk metadata on a multilingual website. It can minify malicious page requests as well as restrains flooding attacks to the website and can control site access from suspicious domains (i.e., using IP address whitelisting and blacklisting). SH404SEF supports various third-party SEF plugins via the standard Joomla installer, including native components such as Community Builder, FlexiContent, K2, Kunena, Jomsocial, mosetsTree, VirtueMart, etc.

Joomla Sitemap Extensions

6. OSMap


OSMap is a Joomla sitemap generator that builds an SEO-friendly XML sitemap for Google and other search engines, and an HTML sitemap for your visitors. OSMap is one of the Joomla SEO extensions that you can maximize the use for your Joomla website with ease and widely used among other Joomla SEO extensions. It can save you a lot of your time optimizing your Joomla website. Has a free version with numerous packages of Joomla SEO Plugins for SEO-friendly XML sitemap, Google News sitemap, supports all Joomla core extensions, including expanded indexing and menu item indexing 3rd party extensions, implements Priority XML sitemap tag and Priority Frequency sitemap tag for each sitemap item. All of its Joomla Sitemap features have well-documented user support.

7. PWT Sitemap

PWT Sitemap

PWT Sitemap is one of the perfect Joomla SEO extensions for your Joomla site, fully integrated with Joomla menu-items to configure your Joomla sitemap easily. PWT Sitemap seamlessly integrates with Joomla SEO and can work on an existing website without configuration. Your menu-items are your sitemap. You can set-up your web pages with a simple toggle switch within seconds and allow you to quickly manage the display setting of all pages in your sitemap via the backend component.

Provides sitemap plugins for Kunena, Virtuemart, ZOO, K2, Hikashop, JoomGallery, and EasyDiscuss. It has provided developer documentation of any 3rd party Joomla SEO extensions so that you can easily be supported via a simple plugin. Its sitemap output complies with the requirements of valid XML sitemaps that are search engine friendly, like Google and Bing. It can also customize your favorite Joomla SEO Plugin that you need in your sitemap, just reach them so they can provide you a plugin for that purpose.

8. JSitemap


JSitemap is one of the comprehensive and complete Joomla SEO Extensions. The most popular and widely used Joomla SEO extensions to manage SEO and sitemaps, with almost 20,000 users and 200,000 installations. It has been accorded as an award-winning Joomla sitemap generator extension that offers innovative and revolutionary ways to manage all types of sitemap contents without additional plugins! It has up to 400% added functionality for site visibility and can boost your site for search engine indexing. Its Pro version is what Yoast SEO uses for WordPress that is the most relevant extension for most websites to get more visitors from Google and Bing search engines. It can also attract more visitors from soci