Social media engagement is one way to get more people talking about your user-generated content on Facebook or Twitter. If you want to engage your audience, it helps to know how they find out about you in the first place.

The goal here is simple: use different tactics and channels to create new sources of traffic that are relevant to your business. Once again, this strategy takes a long-term approach – which may take several months to see results – but once you start getting the new visitors coming into your site, all of those efforts will be quickly pay off.

Here are 12 Ways to Get More Social Media Engagement

Engage with influencers about their audience’s interests. Many influencer marketing platforms allow you to browse by industry, so look at what influencers in your niche are sharing across various platforms. Then message them directly, and ask if they could share a blog post or promote your company using their influence. You can also run contests or give away free products, so make sure to offer an incentive for participation!

Here are some other ideas of how to get more engagement from your chosen social media platforms:

Know Who Your Audience Is

You have a lot of information about your customers from your CRM or other contact management software. However, there are several key areas where social networking sites will help provide additional insights. These include:

  • Know Who They Are

You may already know the demographics and locations of your customer base, but having access to their online profiles should also be easy. Find out where they work, shop, and the groups they belong to. It’s not just enough to know the basics, though; it’s important to know more than this. Learn a lot about your audience through their social posts. This includes looking for places where people interact (i.e., comments) and looking for keywords/tags that might match up to your business.

  • Learn What Their Interests Are

The second step in understanding your audience is to learn more deeply about their likes, dislikes, preferences, and habits.

Another benefit of using social channels for marketing purposes is that it allows you to target specific audiences. You must know your target market before you can start growing your business. Begin by collecting demographic data about your existing customer base. Understanding how people interact with each other online can be helpful when it comes to understanding their behavior. You will identify which posts resonate well with readers and which don’t. As time goes by, you will see which people buy from and interact with you online.

Have Fun with Social Media Contests

A contest is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate interest in your brand. Give something away to people simply because they follow you on social media posts. Or let competitors show off their best features in exchange for followers. Try to develop unique strategies to stand out from the crowd.

Benefits to running your social media contests include:

  • It creates awareness

Everyone gets excited about your product or service by giving away something free. People want to win things, so getting involved in a contest gives you an advantage over others. Plus, it makes you appear more trustworthy.

  • Creates visibility

Millions of people will see your company name each day if you run a popular social media contest. In addition, you’ll create a buzz around your brand.

  • Reaps rewards

Social media users love winning prizes, whether monetary or otherwise. A giveaway encourages them to stick with you longer as they wait for the big prize. As a result, your brand gains credibility while they get to share their experiences with friends.

  • It generates leads

If you use social channels correctly, you can turn the power of social networking into real opportunities for your business. Moreover, these promotional resources can easily become qualified leads for your business.

  • Helps build relationships

Once you have started engaging with your target audience on social media channels, it becomes easier to maintain healthy relationships. Through interactions like contests, you can foster lasting connections between you and your followers.

  • Improves search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engines always value content. So, when you promote yourself through your social media profiles, you will be rewarded with increased rankings.

  • Increases website traffic

You’ll generate more interest and sales by increasing your followers’ engagement rate with your posts. And because people who follow you tend to be interested in similar things, they’re likely to visit your site when they see one of your posts.

Make sure to share the content across all platforms where you plan to promote it. Don’t limit yourself to one channel. It can include any channel where people interact with you online such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Cross-channel contests are effective ways to bribe social media followers into doing things for your business. To win the prize, fans need to do three things: Like the page, comment on the post, and subscribe to the channel. (The link in the bio tag on your profile makes this easy.)

Host Events

You may need to make sure that you have some event planned that allows people to be engaged with each other. For instance, if you’re looking into selling products online, have a sale that gives free products to the first few hundred people who sign up.

Events will get people interested in your products or services. They’ll be able to see how they work for themselves. And it may even help them decide if they want to become customers.

Even if events aren’t part of your regular marketing plan, they can help boost traffic to your site. For example, if you’re looking to attract new clients, consider hosting an event at your salon, spa, gym, or store. You could host a free happy hour where guests get discounts on services or products. Or maybe you’ll offer special deals during certain times of the day. Whatever event you decide to hold, remember to keep things lighthearted, so people feel comfortable sharing their personal stories.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events continue to be useful for promoting products and services. You could:

  • A live stream from an event showcases the product and highlights its key features.
  • Conducting a live or recorded webinar will help you get more exposure for your business.
  • Make sure the event centers around an expert who knows something about your new product or service. You’ll want them to reveal the details at the end.

Tag Your Followers in Your Posts and Stories

By sharing their content on your social media accounts, your followers will be able to see who you follow back, which makes building connections easier for both parties.

When someone posts something in an Instagram story, they tag you if you’ve been tagged before. When someone tags you, you’ll get an email notification letting you know. So share it if you think others would benefit from it too!

Research and Use Hashtags

You can use hashtags for several purposes, including categorizing content, promoting posts, and finding new followers. In addition, hashtags allow people who follow an account to find posts by searching for specific keywords within their content.

Hashtags aren’t always complicated; they require some creativity. However, using hashtags makes your post easier for people searching for content related to your topic to find. Also, using specific keywords helps narrow down topics, so readers who aren’t interested in them are less likely to be overlooked.

If you want to add more followers on Instagram, hashtags are essential. Using hashtags makes your piece of content more visible when they use search or filtering mode, especially when tapping on the same hashtags. People can also follow their favorite hashtags so that top content types with that hashtag will show up in their Instagram timeline.

Please don’t add extra tags so that you can use them all. TrackMaven suggests using at most nine hashtags when posting digital content online. Make sure you’re not using the same set of hashtags repeatedly. Instead, group your most popular hashtags into categories so you can easily find them later when creating new posts.

Know What’s the Best Time of the Day to Post

To get started posting regularly, you’ll first want to figure out when your best posting time is. During this exact period of time, your audience is at its peak activity level, increasing the odds of your message reaching them. In addition, you’ll get better results if you increase your engagement rate.

To see which posts get the most likes, check your analytics. You’ll be able to tell if there’s something specific about them that makes them popular. Next, test out different time slots until you find one that fits best for your business. You may want to consider scheduling posts around these times if they are available. Once you’ve determined which time frame works best for you, stick with it.

Mention Others

If you want people to know about your product, include it in the title or description when sharing via social media.

You may want to mention other people who use Instagram too.

If you’re mentioning people online, don’t forget to say something nice about them, too! This will further draw you to that person’s notice and encourage them to follow you.

If there’s something special about someone else who helped out, share their name! If you’re mentioning people online, don’t forget to give credit where credit is due by giving compliments, too! It’ll help you get noticed by people who might be interested in following you back.

Tagging someone is a great way to amplify your content marketing. It only takes about 50% of a second and immediately increases its reach. Just think about it – if someone mentions you in their tweet/post, they’re probably going to share it too! In addition, if someone tags you on Twitter or Instagram, they immediately receive a notification, so you get another chance at engaging them.

Connect All Your Social Networks

If you connect your Facebook and Twitter account to your Pinterest account, then people who follow you on these sites will be able to see any pins they like from your Pinterest page when they visit their pages.

With Pinterest, you can easily share your pins so your Twitter fans can view them and show your latest pinboards in their Facebook friends’ and followers’ feeds.

You can also use links to your business profile in your Twitter bio and Facebook page description if you want people who follow you there to see them too.

Don’t Forget to Write a Blog

If you don’t already have a landing page set up for people who want to subscribe to your newsletter, then you’ll need one soon. After all, if your new product or service isn’t an improvement on something already available, then they’re probably won’t be any demand for it. Your goal might not be to attract new customers but to engage your current customers better. Or to re-engage inactive ones.

Writing a detailed blog post on the new products’ launch is one of the best ways to get people interested in them. Once you’ve shared the link to the blog post, you’ll be able to send an email or tweet out the link so people who want to learn more about the new product before buying it can read it first. If a landing page is already present, then a blog post is an excellent way to get the word out about your offers and provide plenty of chances to link back to the landing page.

Add Apps to Enhance Your Website

You’ll find an almost limitless number of apps that can help you improve what you’re doing on Facebook—from contact forms to quizzes to RSS feeds. In addition, Facebook itself is constantly adding new features. So consider changing your custom tabs on your Facebook page to help you achieve your social media goals.

It’s Time to Collaborate

Don’t think your online business is too small for influencer marketing.

You don’t need millions of Twitter followers to become an influencer; even micro-influencers and nano-followers with just a thousand dedicated followers can help establish brand trust.

They’re usually well within the budget range for small brands. However, to reach new audiences through social media marketing, they need to be creative when choosing who to partner with.

Check the Trends and Current Event

Don’t just jump on everything that goes viral; we’re not telling you to do so. It’s always a good idea to follow out for new trends in social media, but don’t just rely on them—you need to know why they’re happening too. It helps you create relevant content types that stick over time.

Social listening is an important part of any social media strategy because it helps you understand your target market and what they care most about.

To End

We hope that these 12 ways to get more social media engagement will help you gain more followers and ultimately more leads and customers for your business. Do you need help with your social media campaigns? ITD Web Design is here to help you. Give us a call.

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