So, you are looking for the very best free keyword research tools to get the exceptional one and modify your SEO presence, right? Let me assist with the right set of tools to get the relevant search results totally free!

From web design to development and material marketing, it is necessary to hang around on keyword research because it is the only method you can frame your content method. A website is ranked with a high traffic volume when it gets the best design with the most suitable content.

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Why the Need to Use Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is the basic structure of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and when we are performing SEO services for our clients, Keyword research is where we begin. It can either make your website or break it.

In addition to content creation, you require to concentrate on on-page SEO and website UI, too! There is no doubt that the right set of keywords can improve your search results, but how do you identify them is an art piece in SEO. You might think keyword research is just about having a list of words that targets your audience. It is more than that. You must also use optimized phrases and questions for better audience interaction.

Most keyword research tools are indeed paid, yet, for brand-new blog writers, here is a comprehensive list of free keyword research tools so that you can access them without spending even a single cent.

Here Are Your List of Top Free Keyword Research Tools to Improve SEO

They say content is still king. While that may be partially true, content, without a well-planned SEO keyword list included within, and your content isn’t going anywhere. With the right keywords, your content can rank well in search engines, thereby helping you promote your products and services.

To be able to reach your audience in all levels of your funnel, you need targeted keywords that the audience searches. Some examples can be information such as the “whys” and “how-tos” and conversion terms like “where to buy” or “discount”.

When you are just starting your online business, you don’t have to spend so much on premium keyword research tools. Here are some keyword tools you can use for free.

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

Adword & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator is an excellent KW research tool if you are new to the game, or you are planning to launch a new website. This tool helps you identify the secondary keywords you might want to include in your list of keywords.

There are three keyword list boxes where you can enter your desired keywords as many as you want. You also have three choices on how to generate your keywords: broad match, phrase match, and exact match. Once you hit the “Generate Permutations” button, you’d have all the possible keywords listed in the box.

Great for: Newbies; Keywords for a New Website


  • Provides all possible permutations of your keywords
  • Easy user interface
  • This can be your first tool to start your KW list before importing that list to other KW tools for metrics and relevancy comparison.


  • Gives you insight on other possible keywords you may not have come across in the past
  • You can get more creative with your keywords.
  • Simple input


  • Some keyword combinations may not make sense.
  • Needs to spend time to sort the right keywords
  • Importing of KWs can be a bit of a hassle and time-consuming.

Also Asked

Also Asked identifies the keyword to give you question results. Also Asked is available in numerous languages. You can also use its location feature to know what keywords are used in that particular area. Also Asked places questions in a tree model that quickly shows how questions or items are grouped according to relevance to the main keyword.

Great for: marketers and writers to understand how their content should be grouped with the keywords


  • Downloadable list
  • Can be saved as .png file format
  • Language feature


  • Allows you to understand search intent through questions


  • No metrics

Answer the Public

This search question visualization tool lets you discover the appropriate keywords rather quickly, thus, helping you find out a keyword with a lower difficulty and a higher search volume.

Great for: Keyword research for a new site; looking for popular questions


  • Google-based results
  • Focuses on useful phrases and questions asked around the keyword
  • Endless content ideas to get inspiration
  • Keyword visualization
  • Questions are categorized based on prepositions.
  • Questions are alphabetized.


  • Incredibly simple and straightforward to use
  • Assists you in enhancing your creativity by providing you the best material concepts
  • Helps create content in different stages of your funnel
  • No need to log-in to export the phrases to .csv file


  • No metrics
  • It only allows three searches in one day for the free version.
  • Requires an upgrade to the Pro version when you change the location

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner is one of the most preferred keyword research tools. It’s not just the very best for the novices; however, being a professional too, you might continue this to produce your content and grow it greater.

The very best part of this tool is that it draws info straight from Google, the online search engine where you would be enhancing your site.

It likewise reveals you other associated data in addition to the keywords, such as the average month-to-month searches, competition, and the recommended quota of each keyword if you are using Google AdWords.

Great For: All levels; keyword research to increase the number of topics and content; identification which keywords would be great to target


  • Data for average monthly searches
  • Data for competition
  • Suggested bid
  • Associated data


  • You exactly get what you need.
  • The info comes from Google algorithms.


  • The information can be overwhelming to the newbie user.
  • Limited search volume analysis

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool from Google. This keyword research tool is handy with getting nitty-gritty with specific phrases and keyword phrase combinations.

Great for: overall digital marketing campaigns and researching buyer intent through KWs


  • Average monthly searches
  • Keyword competition level
  • Average CPC
  • Bid estimates
  • Historical statistics
  • Traffic forecast
  • Handy Export


  • User-friendly and navigable
  • Dynamic
  • Provides similar words
  • Can customize your keywords based on their seasonality and traffic
  • Integrates well with other Google products
  • Has the most reliable data out there


  • You must have an Adwords account to use it.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is part of the free service offered by Google. While you can use this to look for keywords to use in your new blog, Google Search Console helps you assess the content and keyword status of pages that have already been ranked so you can improve your SEO further. Google Search Console gives information on what keywords are helping you rank.

Great for: SEO analysis and optimization for existing keywords; for intermediate and expert users


  • Keyword tracking
  • Keyword list for a ranking
  • Error displays for a particular page
  • Performance Report feature


  • Provides keyword specific performance metrics
  • Feedback on webpage performance


  • Still in beta
  • Can be technical for the newbie user

Google Trends

Google Trends shows the frequency of a given keyword with the total search volume over time. Google Trends makes marketing campaigns more targeted to times that products and services become popular. This instance, in turn, drives more traffic to the website.

Great for: users who want to know what time/season to target audience


  • Trending keywords
  • Google-support
  • Year in Date search
  • Minute-by-minute trends
  • Have Related Topics and Queries section


  • You can easily analyze how a keyword performs over time.
  • Allows you to plan your content based on keyword performance
  • Can compare how keywords fare against each other
  • Location-sensitive results


  • Incomplete analytics
  • Fewer search terms
  • There is no graph comparison available
  • Less integration with other Google products

IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator is made for local SEO. Businesses such as brick-and-mortar that plan to have an online presence or those that have already-existing online local companies would benefit well from this keyword tool. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator is a business and location-specific keyword generator.

To use this tool, you have to choose the business category in the scroll-down box. The next thing to do is to select the type of service your business provides and include its locations.

Great for: local companies


  • Targets the common keywords used in a particular location and service


  • Downloadable list in .csv format


  • Some business types are not included in the drop-down box.


Jaxxy has a robust keyword research tool that guarantees success without having to spend a lot of time analyzing a complex niche. It uses three search engines so you can effectively analyze your keyword sets across all these said search engines.

Great for: affiliate marketers for uncomplicated keyword and competition research


  • Quoted Search Result
  • Traffic metrics
  • Access to Brainstorm, Affiliate Search and Alphabet Soup


  • Gives you a lot of keywords you won’t find in other research tools
  • Provides a decent set of KW metrics
  • Quick response
  • Uses several search engines


  • The Starter Trial only allows you 30 keyword searches for free.

Keyword In

Keyword In allows you to create keyword combinations from a seed keyword or a long-tail keyword. Keyword In has three kinds of match types for keywords: broad match, phrase match, and exact match.

There are four text boxes you can use, each with tickable boxes that define whether the keyword is a broad modifier or just an optional word. You can type in as many words in a single text box.

Great for: Newbies; those who want to get more creative with keyword combinations


  • Navigable user interface
  • Match typing is varied


  • Easy to use
  • Gives you a variety of combinations


  • You have to copy and paste the generated keywords manually.
  • You must include more words to have more combinations.

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter is a bulk keyword generator that mines Google autocomplete. This keyword generator can pull more than 1,000 keyword suggestions in a minute.

Great for: bulk keywords


  • Negative filter
  • Positive filter
  • Exportable data using 3 kinds of files: .xslx, .csv and .xls


  • Simple interface
  • Easy to use
  • Gives you lots of ideas for keywords
  • hassle-free


  • No keyword metrics for the free type
  • If you want more parameters, you need to pay per sheet.

Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is a pretty straightforward keyword research tool. Just type in the word and click the “Shit Keyword!” button, and it generates hundreds of potential keywords for you!

Great for: newbies and those who want to get creative with their keywords


  • Can generate thousands of keyword combinations
  • Positive and negative filters
  • downloadable


  • Can create lots of keywords
  • Uses Google Autocomplete for queries


  • No keyword metrics
  • Some word combinations won’t make sense.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a Chrome extension offered for without paid subscription so you can use it to check the search volume of any keyword in 19 available countries. There is also a global search volume option below the Location drop-down menu.

Great for: SEO content analysis


  • Similar keyword results
  • Multiple keyword suggestions
  • Real-time analysis on data-driven information
  • 1-Click On-Page SEO Audit
  • True Density


  • Regularly updated
  • Provides keyword performance and metrics
  • Gives you a favorable range for the total number of words in the content
  • Gives you detailed information about your existing content so you can improve it
  • You can also check and audit your competitors.


  • Cannot be used for bulk queries
  • Search volume is only available in some countries
  • No CPC feature
  • Not to be used as the primary keyword research tool

Keyword Tool Dominator

If you are having issues with keywords that hit top retail and seller platforms such as Amazon and eBay, Keyword Tool Dominator might just be right in your alley.

Great for: searching for keywords on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy.


  • Rank feature that identifies what keywords are the most searched
  • Autocomplete database
  • Top keyword identification
  • Free Chrome extension
  • Amazon SEO
  • Google Shopping Tool


  • Keywords are optimized for specific platforms
  • Popularity-based keyword ranking
  • Downloadable list


  • Needs a paid license to experience this tool’s capacity fully
  • You can only make three searches to eBay, Amazon and Etsy databases.
  • You only get a keyword list
  • No KW performance metrics

If you are looking forward to finding brand-new and pertinent keywords from Yahoo, Google, eBay, and Bing or any other online search engine, will undoubtedly be the best one for you to discover free keywords quickly.

Best for: newbies and those who want to check what keywords are commonly searched in different search engines


  • Live keyword suggestions
  • Real-time results


  • It uses loads of keywords for SEO, PPC, AdWords for your content marketing strategy.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Quite popular with client reviews


  • No keyword metrics


Keyworddit mines Reddit for keywords. You simply just enter subreddit, and Keyworddit gives you a list containing the top 500 words that often pop up in the titles and comments found in the threads. This tool also checks how the keyword is used in the threads.

Great for: mining keywords and the types of questions often found on Reddit


  • Related keywords
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Auto-suggest list
  • Keyword volumes coming from Grepwords


  • A great tool to begin your content when you know nothing about the topic
  • You can find low competition keywords.
  • Gives you perspective on how to use the keywords the way your target market does


  • Monthly searches and volumes only applicable to the US
  • You are limited to the present subreddits.
  • If it’s not found on Reddit, chances are, you can’t mine the KWs.

Keywords Everywhere

With Keywords Everywhere, you can search for your keywords while browsing. YOu can see the Related Keywords and Similar keywords placed on the right side of the page. These lists can be downloaded into a .csv file format.

Great for: keyword search during browsing


  • Browser add-on
  • Monthly search volume
  • CPS
  • Adwords competition
  • Competition data


  • Can be installed for Chrome and Firefox
  • Time-saving
  • Automatic display of keywords
  • Available in several platforms such as YouTube
  • Settings can be customized


  • Reloading the keyword list costs some credits.
  • You need an API key. is one of the very best complimentary keyword research tools on the market that assists you in selecting the most relevant keywords to get in touch with your audience. This tool helps you discover numerous keywords totally free of expense.

Its thorough list of relevant keywords can assist you in enhancing the quality of your material, besides conveying your message to the audience in a better way. It likewise suggests you with an elaborate list of long-tail keywords.

Great for: location-specific keywords; users who have online stores


  • Location-targeted keywords
  • Alphabetically-organized list
  • Uses Google Autocomplete
  • Keyword metrics
  • Keyword suggestions come from multiple platforms
  • Competitor analysis


  • Fast
  • Robust
  • Can mine eBay, Amazon and other online platforms for keywords
  • A thorough list of keywords
  • Can produce more than 750 long-tail keywords
  • No sign-up needed


  • Subscription to Keyword Tool Pro is required for more keyword results.
  • Metrics can be viewed by subscription to Keyword Tool Pro.


Anybody who uses KW Finder for keyword research makes sure to fall for it. It is an incredible keyword research tool that works very fast with the most accurate results.

Great for: newbie with little knowledge about SEO


  • “Interest Gradually” chart
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Local SEO keywords
  • Competitor ranking
  • Historical data


  • Lets you choose the seed keyword according to your requirements and then select the target nation and place.
  • Creates long-tail keywords that get ranked quickly
  • The user interface is very navigable and contains short explanations of each parameter.


  • The free plan only allows five searches in a day
  • Chat support is limited
  • You need to sign-up to access it.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer helps you ease into creating better keyword lists. While you can only save your list of keywords in its premium plan, you can still get great keyword ideas and real-time data for the monthly search volumes.

Great for: SERP and search volume analysis


  • Keyword Suggestions
  • SERP Analysis
  • Organic CTR
  • Search Volume
  • Related Words


  • Allows you to check the keyword CTR
  • You can select the keywords that take your fancy.


  • The free mode only allows ten queries.
  • Cannot experience full experience for this tool without buying the entire SEO suite


QuestionDB uses keywords to generate relevant questions, which are sourced from the Reddit database.

Great for: user looking for a variety of topics for a particular keyword;


  • Show Source Link that directs to the thread where the question is found
  • Questions are transferable to .csv format
  • Sorting of data is based on relevance, topic, and age
  • Large database


  • The questions are categorized
  • Downloadable list
  • Easy to use since you only need a word or two to get the best results


  • Needs an upgrade to see the metrics
  • Search can only be done in two ways: basic and exact
  • Need to use a broad keyword to mine a long list

Rank Tracker

With Rank Tracker, you can check your competition ranking and what keywords they are using. This keyword research tool also helps you find the most viable keywords you can use for your website.

Great for: competition comparison


  • Keyword metrics
  • Related searches
  • Related questions
  • Long-tail and question generator


  • Helps you find the highest-ranking keywords of your competitor
  • Enables you to identify which keywords are best for your webpages
  • This tool is 23 keyword research tools in one
  • Integrated with Google Ads Planner and Google Search Console
  • Lets you determine what keywords have the most potential.


  • Needs signing-up
  • Can’t use its cloud storage
  • Can’t copy the list to a spreadsheet
  • You are only limited to one competitor

SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool

SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool is the keyword research tool of SEMRush. This tool is equipped with astonishing features that will surely aid you in identifying and target keywords that your audience searches. It has more than 2 million keywords in its database, so you are assured of finding lots of keywords for your business.

Great for: overall SEO analysis and keyword collection


  • Search volume
  • Three kinds of search options
  • Advanced filters such as negative words, keyword density, etc
  • Site Audit
  • Keyword grouping
  • Mobile app


  • Can create up to 50 target KW lists
  • Keyword performance metrics
  • Can compile your keywords to one long list
  • Convenient because of the mobile app


  • Keyword sets can only be exported with a paid subscription.
  • You are only allowed ten searches per day


This Ukrainian website is referred to as among the very best SEO service supplying tools for keyword research and buckling analysis. It groups the keywords by tags and is astonishingly valuable in material marketing and blog production. It makes a competitive keyword analysis to drive the maximum traffic to your site.

Great for: Competitor and keyword analysis


  • Keyword Selection
  • Related Keywords
  • Search Suggestions
  • Top Pages
  • Competitors
  • PPC keywords
  • One-click SERPStat plugin
  • Site Audit


  • You get a fresh take on what words and topics are trending among your audience.
  • Allows you to customize parameters
  • Provides keywords with high potential to increase website traffic
  • Vets keyword performance against several parameters such as search volume and CPC
  • Keyword research is available in several languages


  • Needs signing up
  • Provides only 30 queries when there is no registration


Soovle is a keyword research tool that gives out keyword suggestions coming from 6 search engines. You are not only covering what is in Google but also in Amazon, Yahoo, Answers, Youtube, Bing, and Wikipedia.

By default, you use Google as your search engine, but this can be changed depending on what search engine you prefer. After typing in your keyword, Soovle shows the top keywords in the individual search engines. While it does not give you any metrics, Soovle still provides you with valuable assets you can use for your blog content.

Great for: counter-checking of keyword relevance using different search engines


  • Uses six search engines including Google and Bing, among others
  • Saved Suggestions
  • Drag-and-drop
  • You can transfer keywords to a .csv file


  • Can cross-check keywords with other search engine results
  • Efficient
  • Great platform to find untapped keywords


  • A limited number of keywords
  • No metrics


Tagcrowd identifies top keywords used by your competitors in particular pages through visualization.

Great for: those who prefer visual representations of keywords used by competitors


  • An analysis is done in three ways: uploading a file, add the URL of the competitor or adding the content
  • Language options
  • KW Frequency options
  • Similar words
  • Negative words


  • Identifies the frequency of a specific keyword
  • Helps you create a strategy by identifying the works targeted by your competition


No keyword metrics


If you are trying to find a keyword research tool that lets you extract most of the details about a particular seed keyword, Ubersuggest is undoubtedly the one for you!  It breaks down the search results page in a letter-wise format. It also includes all the information and details related to the keywords.

The keyword “Suggest” property of this tool allows you to make educated choices about which keyword to pick and how to rank it.

Great for:  those looking for different variations and combinations of a particular seed keyword


  • Keyword metrics
  • Provides competitor pages for comparison
  • Personalized keyword suggestions
  • Tracking of daily ranks
  • Social media keyword frequency
  • Domain Overview


  • You can find keywords not found in other keyword research tools.
  • Organized
  • Suggests head terms to long-tail keywords
  • Premium features


  • There is no keyword list feature
  • Missing keyword gap

WordStream Free Keyword Tool

Keyword research can be a real hectic task. WordStream makes things faster and much easier for you. It can evaluate to search countless keywords daily at definitely free of cost. You can then utilize these keywords to acquire traffic for both your paid and natural traffic.

It represents the approximated CPC, the competitors’ ratings, and a proprietary chance score to make the best out of your content marketing method. You just have to input the URL of your competitor, the kind of industry, and the location. Wordstream would then show you the top 25 keywords for that niche to help you start your content journey. If you send your email, you receive the full list.

Best for: no-fuss keyword research


  • It provides the relative frequency of each keyword.
  • Can send the keywords to your inbox
  • Identifies a profitable niche you can settle on
  • Google-support
  • Aids PPC campaigns
  • Negative keyword selection


  • User-friendly
  • Allows you to streamline your PPC campaigns
  • Emailed keyword list in .zip file


  • You need to provide an email to get the entire keyword list.
  • More suitable for Adwords campaign
  • The tool becomes paid after 30 searches

Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout lets you check what words your competitors are using. Using Scout, you can easily dig for data on your competitor site. Tweaking a few minutes later, you can better understand what your secondary and primary keywords are as well as procure a comprehensive list of competitors’ keywords. Getting these keywords is easy. You simply just have to click the W on your Chrome browser and wait for a few minutes.

Best for counter-checking keywords used by competitors


  • Chrome extension
  • Keyword performance metrics and insights
  • Keyword ideas
  • Keyword performance metrics


  • Has a vast keyword database
  • Provides keyword relevance
  • You can copy-paste keywords
  • Easy to use
  • Fast analysis
  • Includes data for metric analysis


  • Keyword retrieval can take a bit of time.
  • You need to stay on the page while retrieving data. If you transfer to another window or tab, the task gets reset.

Free Keyword Tools vs. Paid Keyword Tools

Paid keyword tools will always have the edge over the free ones. While it is true that free keyword research tools have some value, their worth would still pale over what the paid ones offer. Since you are paying a certain amount of money, you expect to have a lot of data in return, something that you cannot do in the free version.


If you are not investing time in doing the keyword research, then I’m sure you will not be getting the vital traffic from the search engines. At the same time, you ought to not stuff the keywords as it would create a negative influence on your SEO.

Just select the relevant and main keywords carefully with any of the free keyword research tools that I have actually listed in this post.