We’ve Put Together This Ethnic Local Citations List For Special Interest Groups

Are you new in local citations, or struggle to optimize a local search SEO?

Citations play a vital role in effectively ranking any website for local SEO search engine results. It is one key link building factor as part of your local SEO strategies. It will help if you learn the basics to manage and optimize local citations effectively. Effective local citations are online display or mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business to optimize link building and map guests towards your website. A local citations list can significantly affect local business directory listing, on citation sites or websites and digital apps, and on social or online community platforms, regardless of whether your website or business is new or long been struggling in local search rankings.

How do citations matter for local SEO?

Not so long before the norm to build as many local citations as possible evolve as a necessity. Local citations play vital roles in local SEO strategies and local search rankings. Including the optimizing of your website’s link building through local citation sites to rank your domain among the top 100 websites in the U.S. Even today, local citations matter and become more useful on a niche, industry-relevant, or ethnic local citations list to reach special interest groups. Please note that it is the local citations’ quality that factors in ranking a website through site citation-led link building. So, when you do well on your local citations, you can optimize your site’s industry relevance, local relevance, and domain authority.

Indeed, 90% of local SEO experts shared their views that “accurate citations are important to local search ranking. Thus, the quality of local citations takes more importance than its quantity. Hence, make a tour of this primary directory of ethnic local citations list that provides citations sites for special interest groups. Feel free to add local citations sites that are not listed here to tailor fit to your website or business needs as well as for your clients to improve local search rankings. This local citations sites list is done in alphabetical order and not on a per category. I have added side-notes to most of these local citation sites that may not be self-explanatory. In any case that I have missed other US-based ethnic local citations sites, I’d appreciate you adding some of these primary directories later on to customize your local citations list or local visibility system.

1. AlbanianYellowPages.com

The Albanian Yellow Pages has its base in Crescent Avenue, Bronx, New York. It is the first and only all Albanian Business Directory. At the same time, an Information Resource combined into one, that is distributed for free and the most visible tool to reach Albanian Americans in the U.S. This Albanian directory targets specific ethnic groups of the population and offers valuable information to the Albanian community such as community guides, government listings, information on new arrivals, and a lot more to make it a useful to have in each Albanian household. The Albanian Yellow Pages contains Albanian-owned and operated businesses as well as others doing business with Albanians in the U.S. It also includes essential community organizations, religious institutions, and media outlets.

2. American Indian Business Alliance (AIBA)

The American Indian Business Alliance or AIBA is Indian Country’s Premier Business Directory from a growing number of Indian Business Alliances from all across the United States as well as sponsors including the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission, Northwest Area Foundation, the Center for Indian Country Development, and the Native American Business Directory. Tribal government enterprises and Native-owned individual businesses play a vital role within Indian Country — providing much-needed jobs, spurring economic development, as well as giving back to their communities. The AIBA Directory is an interactive website created to connect buyers with sellers. AIBA comprises a comprehensive, searchable database of Native American and tribally-owned businesses, and creates connections throughout Indian Country.

3. AsianBizOnline.com

AsianBizOnline.com is an Asian Business Directory, has an upgraded directory of services available for visitors and members to boast endless amounts of new features and various types of directory listings, from the business listing, classified, news, ads, arts & entertainment, beauty & fitness, automotive, blogs, articles, education & training, financial services, general contractors, health & medical, legal, real estate, shopping, and fashion, and other online and information services to the Asian communities all over cities and states in the U.S. You can entirely control your directory items through the site’s member’s interface feature that allows you to log in and change any details, such as add special promotions for your AsianBizOnline customers! So, become a member and connect with the Asian business community in your neighborhood.  You can download and access AsianBizOnline.com via mobile, iPhone and android apps, and on social media – Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

4. BizPronto.com (Latino)

BizPronto.com is an online business directory that devotes its site entirely to Hispanic or Latino owned and managed businesses. Join to list your business or organization online and support Hispanic and Latino business growth. Follow BizPronto.com on Twitter.

5. BlackBusinessList.com

BlackBusinessList.com is a brand created by its Founder, Stephen Wicks, who is the CEO of Stephen Wicks Internet Development Company, and as well as other brands under the parent company include BBLTV.net and the BBL Ad Network. The BlackBusinessList.com has its base in Stonecrest, Georgia, USA, dedicated to helping minority business people from 1997 to start, maintain, and grow the viability of their businesses. You can find black-owned businesses on this directory whom you can connect and do business with you. Thousands of people visit the website monthly, not only black-owned business entrepreneurs, seeking to find Black business owners and professionals. Join BlackBusinessList.com and become a member for FREE. Then list and advertise your business on its popular online business directory. It supports entrepreneurs in reaching their dreams. So, make sure your business is in the BlackBusinessList.com too, to become part of a nationwide network of progressive Black Business Owners and Professionals in the U.S.

6. BlackDollar.org

BlackDollar.org is an organization that continuously brings you clean green farms and markets, and over 24 years of African – American business directory listing.

7. BlackOwnedBiz.com

BlackOwnedBiz.Com is a Black business directory, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; that lists over 10,000 Black-Owned Businesses. It helps minority businesses and lists new businesses daily. So, remember to check this network to find local Black-owned businesses or companies near you before shopping in for corporate advisory services to help you grow your revenue and profit. You can also advertise your black-owned business on this site. When you register for basic listings with a one-time set-up fee to prevent spam and to validate your business information, the ads in these basic listings will place you in their list. You can also register for a featured listing, which will make your black-owned business appear on a higher ranking in the site’s search results, and allow you to promote your business via social media better.

8. Chinese411.com

Chinese411.com continues to “link buyers and sellers” and brings that success story of the “Yellow Page directories” that thrived for over 100 years. It provides a modern service to millions of potential consumers in Chinese communities in the U.SU.S. It serves American consumers who would want to buy products and services. Chinese411.com is free to consumers, and there is no obligation to buy. Buyers simply request information, receive offers/quotes from reputable sellers, and then select the best offer among those obtained. Sellers pay small fees to receive information requests from buyers who are ready to buy. Our market areas are currently.

9. CopperPages.com (Indian & Southeast Asian)