The first way to build any brand online is to make sure you are seen everywhere and that you not only have a website, but also a blog, a Facebook presence and a Twitter presence; in short, a comprehensive company image online.  You need to spend the money in building your entity in the virtual world.  You have to become known, so that your customers keep coming back repeatedly even when you have no promotion or deal enticing them. This is basically building your reputation and boosting awareness.  This should be a priority in your business plan of building your brand identity, because if you do not have an online entity, your business will not grow.

Start with Demographics

To build your online brand, it is important to know what your demographics are – who are you marketing to?  You need to know this because you need to begin developing content and communication plans that reach out to that group or targeted audience.  To help with identifying this audience, there are products and ways that can be used to do this.  Just Google and it will show tools that will help you to learn more about audience, such as gender, marital status, age, household income, and locale.


Based on this research, decide what your demographics need to hear and what message do you want to put forward.  This will shape the groundwork of your brand identity. To help you do this, you need to consider all ideas and have an open mind.  When developing content, speak with your audience, as people react better to conversation that connects with them and relates to them.  And once you have your messaging in hand – be consistent – so, you will be remembered.


Social Media

To interact with consumers, integrate fully into social media.  Have a Facebook as well as Twitter account and use them all the time.  Everyday tweet something and post something.  Write articles to post on your own blog.  Keep the interaction and communication going with your audience.   Also listen – always listen to what is being said about you on social media.  Every email, post and tweet needs to be answered; especially if it is a complaint in any way.

Other Means

Build a brand identity through many channels, using both display and content networks to build this brand through repetition.  Write articles and get them posted.  Post on blogs.  Have your own blog for your company.  Get ads out in front of your targeted audience.  Use behavior targeting, site specific targeting, and use re-messaging.  Make certain the presence of your company image, logo, company values, as well as your name; it needs to be consistent. It also needs to be consistent in your title tags and Meta description on your website.  This will all in the end help you with your search engine ranking.  Have your name out their everywhere, so when your customers are ready to buy your service or product, your name is the one they will remember.   It can be expensive and hard, but it will pay off in the end.


We live in a world of electronic media – if you are building a business, you need to do all you can to also build your online presence.