To build a successful conference or event website with WordPress, one must think just like one of your target market. Put yourself in their shoes to figure what information they are looking for and the steps you’ll want to have them take. Make sure your information answers all of the questions and make it effortless for these people to engage in your conference.

This article will list all of the major website elements that should be included in your WordPress conference website.

  1. Event Registration Pro Calendar


Event registrations and ticket sales management is one of the most important parts of managing your registrants. Having a powerful event registration plugin for WordPress with the event management features you need for a reasonable price is also very important. Event Registration Pro-Calendar is a free WordPress Plugin that is designed for conferences and event management that includes many nice features and an optimized event registration flow that is user friendly that makes it easy for you to convert your website visitors into converted registrants. Event Registration Pro-Calendar is mobile responsive and looks great on any WordPress website.

There is also a Joomla CMS version of this plugin available available.


2. EasyTimetable


The Easy Timetable plugin for WordPress is a great way to display and make your event schedule look really slick. There is a free version as well as a Pro version that offers additional features you might want to consider. Rather than using a simple and plain table for creating your event schedule this plugin allows you an easy and more manageable way to create an event schedule that looks great and can display all the information that you need to present to your conference website visitors.

There is also a Joomla CMS version of this plugin available.


3. Awesome Logos


The Awesome Logos plugin can be used for displaying the logos of our event sponsors. Sponsors of your conference and events want to have their company logos to be prominently displayed on your website. This plugin allows you to do this easily and you can display this event sponsor’s logos in both a grid format or a slider that will rotate mages.


4. AMO Team Showcase


The AMO Team Showcase plugin for WordPress is the perfect way to display a presentation of your event and conference speakers. You can include links to their social network accounts, their company’s name, speaker bio, and even show their skill sets. This plugin would also be great for displaying the conference organizers on a separate page on the event website. There are a few different formats for the display options allowing this plugin to work with any WordPress theme design.


5. Contact Form 7