The AI Content Marketing Era is here. The possibilities seem endless and the temptation to try something new seems like a sure win in the current digital marketing landscape.

AI and Content Marketing

Content Marketers are now employing artificial intelligence tools to help them create content that resonates with their audiences. And for good reason, too – it’s already helping brands boost engagement rates by up to 300%.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is being implemented across industries to make business and consumer interactions more personalized. As marketers try to keep up with this ever-changing landscape, the temptation takes over some to think they can just outsource their work for better results. But does it work?

We previously wrote about How OpenAI Is Changing SEO With GPT-3 and taking the lead in the AI content marketing tool market. Many others are also coming on board with their own versions of AI content marketing tools. Some are really great, others not so much.

What is Content Marketing?

In the modern digital age, content is king. These days, every organization needs content to create a personable and engaging brand presence online and off.

It’s not just blogs, articles, and videos that are being used as a foundation for building your website’s content marketing strategy these days either; infographics seem to be the preferred form of social media posts among marketers.

The conversation doesn’t stop there either, as images have become more sophisticated (think: 360-degree views), making it harder for marketers to keep up with what is working best for each platform in terms of design.

Understanding AI Technology for Content Marketers

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the core of content marketing today. Companies have increased their investments in these technologies, and they believe that content marketing benefits from them. But content marketers are still wary of missing out on many opportunities because they don’t fully understand artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The good news is that many new tools are becoming available that make it easier for marketers to implement AI practices in their workflows without needing to be experts.

There is a lot of confusion in the market on what AI content marketing is. Some people think that AI technology can take care of everything, while others believe it is a scary thing that will have negative impacts on their lives. In reality, artificial intelligence is not something to be afraid of. It simply refers to software and hardware systems that are programmed to perform specific intelligent tasks. When you use an artificial intelligence tool, like IBM Watson or Google’s Cloud Functions, it doesn’t “decide” but does a series of tasks and actions based on the instructions you give it.

What are the benefits of using AI for your content marketing strategy? You can benefit from automation when making marketing decisions based on data analytics and insights from the content you produce.

How AI can help content marketers with automating tasks

Artificial intelligence will become more prevalent in online marketing and in SEO. It’s possibly the biggest opportunity for marketers right now to up their game and scale their traffic and engagement to deliver more relevant content that users want in order to rank higher for key search terms. Some experts predict that AI could even take over as the digital marketing innovation of the year.

The future of AI Content Marketing is not only exciting but also it is a major trendsetter, as it provides us with the power of not just analyzing data but predictions and forecasts.