Get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic. Here’s how.

Review the best ways to get backlinks that can rank you high on search engine results pages (SERP).

Content and backlinks are your top two ranking factors for Google ranking. The reason why it is vital to your SEO content plan to include SEO best practices, strategies, and techniques and get backlinks to improve your website’s domain authority

You can even use a backlink checker to help you figure out how to get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic. It answers SEO Specialists, Digital Marketers, and Website Owners who often ask why building links is essential for their website or brand.

The Process To Get Backlinks To Your Website

Google algorithms are a complex system capable of retrieving data from its search index. It can instantly deliver the best possible results for a search query match. Google algorithm updates include Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin, Rankbrain, Mobile Phone, and Possum.

Search engines like Google use a combination of algorithm updates and numerous ranking signals or inbound links or backlinks. Building these links delivers web pages that rank utilizing relevance and authority on its SERP.

The Importance of Backlinks or Link Building

Most link building campaigns aim to increase future search traffic from Google, although links from popular sites (i.e., media publications) are excellent referral traffic sources.

It is one of the essential SEO best practices for a couple of years now. At times, Google has updates on its algorithm. An SEO strategy that remains an important SEO factor in Google ranking and still proves effective in 2020.

Our experience in working with numerous industries revealed that link popularity based on inbound links to a site or page highly correlates with Google rankings. Therefore, link building can help you secure new inbound links or get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic from external sites.

Here are a Few Essential Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Website That Drive Organic Traffic

1 – Choose A Keyword That Can Rank Higher In The SERP.

Consider that each keyword on your content has already made you rank high but may not be in pole or position zero. There are opportunities for improvement, though, and scan your keyword list to find the high-valued ones or tap keyword research services that you mostly want to improve your website rankings in Google.

Identify the best keyword choices you can optimize that have driven the most organic traffic to your website. Consider those keywords with high search volumes but with low keyword difficulty (KD), high business value, non-branded, and without SERP features in the ranking positions above you. It can get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic over time.

2 – Figure Out Why You Are Outranked In The Competition.

Your competitor or another web page or website can outrank your website for a variety of factors. Consider it a challenge and not one that can discourage you.

Many of us may have been familiar with various ranking factors on numerous occasions and found three things to correlate highly with rankings, traffic time, and time over and over again. These things include the Website authority, referring domains, and page authority.

Before you get deeper into those factors, figure out a more significant ranking factor – backlinks – that you need to nail if you opt to rank higher on SERP. You can use any SEO link building tool or backlink checker to look into your link building and how to get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic.

3 – Know Your Searcher intent

Google aims for the most relevant result for any given query. Their entire business model relies on them to consistently do it across billions of searches over the internet. You have to invest in understanding the intent of query insights behind any reason a person searches for something on Google.

It is the reason none of the top-ranking pages for “link building” came from companies that offer link building services. These top-ranking pages all came from link-building guides and informational blog posts.

Consider that people search for intent query match on how to get backlinks or link building because they intend to learn it. Google knows these patterns, and it means that if your website or a page does not align with that search intent in mind, you are lost in the process before you even get to start.

You can translate the search’s intent by analyzing the current first page of search engine results using any SEO link building tool or backlink checker. These are the three C’s of searcher intent – content type, content format, and content angle.

4 – Invest in high-quality content

Invest in high-quality content to get backlinks to your website that can drive organic traffic. Take action and begin pitching your content or your guest articles to other blogs. You’ll face an array of challenges on the acceptability of your content, and negotiations may take longer.

It can even strip your links from the article without any notice. The backlinks that you get may not significantly affect your ranking shortly. You can check this with any backlink checker and continually drive your high-quality content to get backlinks that can drive organic traffic, such as writing legitimate and unique blogs for free.

Paying for guest posts is not an option. Even buying or selling links that pass PageRank is not a chance as it can dilute the high-quality content of your search engine results. And participating in link schemes violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, they can negatively impact your ranking in SERP. So make no further attempts on these.

Publishing your high-quality content, especially on an industry-led blog site, can help maintain a reputation. It can lead you to get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic.

Lastly, you can also put SEO and link building together on your content as part of your optimization practices checklist. It can get backlinks to boost your website visibility and organic search engine traffic.

5 – Beat Other Pages Where It Matters

It would be best that you had some ideas on issues why you are being outranked. Build more high-quality links to your page to get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic.

You can do guest posting, replicate your competitor links, build “skyscraper” links, pursue unlinked mentions, etc. If the main issue is page authority, better build more page-level backlinks. You can also add more “power” and relevance to the internal links of your website pages.

It takes the most time if website authority is the main issue. If your Domain Rating (DR) pales are compared to the pages that outrank you, it is best to choose the “easier” keyword to pass the SERP at the page level.

Your focus or target keyword matters most, so use a backlink checker tool or Ahrefs’ Keyword Difficulty Checker. You need to build more internal or external backlinks to your page to rank higher on Google should you choose a higher difficulty keyword to drive organic traffic.

6 – Use Outreach Campaigns To Promote Your Brand or Content

When you do outreach campaigns, you can identify your target market influencers or prospects. They are the people who have mentioned your focused or target keyword in their content and those who link to similar articles on the topic.

Reach out and encourage them to promote your content or brand to get backlinks that drive your website’s organic traffic. In that way, you can identify your right prospect with the correct contact details.

You cannot afford to send your outreach emails to the wrong contact. Pitch your prospect with an appealing email subject line and personalized content that demonstrate customer value proposition.

Specify your call to action (CTA), make a follow-up, ensure to track your outreach campaign, and use a backlink checker to review and get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic.

7 – Improve Guest Blog Posting

Google Prefers Organic Link Acquisition, like guest blogging practices. These are variants of common sources to get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic for free.

Guest blog posting is a process in which the owner of a website will allow you to contribute an article for their readers in return to get backlinks to your website. You may have found this site on a free backlink website list.

8 – Broken-link Building

Broken link building is a technique to find a broken (i.e., dead) link and recreate the dead content. Inform anyone linking to the dead resource instead of linking it to your recreated content.

The broken-link building strategy It works because nobody wants dead links on their website. When they exist, they contribute to a poor user experience.

Find your dead links using Ahrefs Site Explorer to pick up most of the broken external links for smaller websites. Check this complete but simple guide to a broken-link building to get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic.

9 – Pursuing Unlinked mentions

People sometimes mention your business but fail to link to you. Unlinked mentions, however, are one of the best ways to get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic. It can secure link building opportunities for your content.

These people believe in your business. They know and like what you do. Getting them to link is easy marketing and selling stuff for you because they mentioned you. You only have to reach out and request them to make that link mention clickable.

You can check, do it quickly and easily using Ahrefs Content Explorer and find your brand name or get backlinks to your website.

10 – Pursuing Link Reclamation

Find the links you can replicate, either a link removed from the linking page, or the linking page ceased to exist.

Links are difficult to build while reclaiming lost links is an easier task to do. Better understand the reasons why a link got removed from the linking page. It could be that the author makes changes or updates or may have repurposed the content, removing your link as a by-product.

You can use Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to check at the lost backlinks report and look for links with a “link removed” tag. Pages get deleted by mistake, and if you suspect this to happen, inform the site owner about it.

When they know, they can reinstate the page and your link, and you can get backlinks to your website that drive organic traffic.

It is a helpful thing also to do and become the catalyst to a great relationship. It can lead to more backlinks furthe