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Attorney Websites and Lawyer Marketing

Get a professional attorney website design and lawyer marketing for your law firm

attorney websitesAs an attorney, your credibility is of the utmost importance to your legal firm’s attorney website. All attorney website designs we create adheres to strict guidelines for creating trust online. This ensures that your potential clients have the confidence that you are a reputable law firm within the community.

Quality content is the most important SEO factor for an attorney website design. Quality attorney websites have well written content to educate your potential clients about your law firm, legal practice areas, settlement and verdict results and additional legal services you may provide. Potential clients are visiting your attorney website to learn about your law firm, services offered, and what your legal expertise are. So, your attorney website must give the potential client a reason to pick up the phone or fill out the contact form.

For attorneys, the days of focusing your lawyer advertising budget in the Yellow Pages are long gone. The Internet has taken its place as the go to place to find information about a law firm. At, our team of experienced attorney website design professionals have been designing and marketing websites for attorneys for over a decade. We are experts in this field and have a proven track record of success in the field of attorney website design and marketing.

The difference between a well-developed attorney website and attorney websites with a poor law firm website architecture is in the amount of website visitors your attorney website successfully converts into leads. Marketing your legal practice requires a special balance.




Mobile Friendly

Our websites are designed with mobile users in mind first and foremost. 60% of all internet searches in the US are done on a mobile device.


The best website in the world means nothing if it cannot be found in search results. Our websites are search engine optimized in order to bring you to the first page of Google.


Content that is written by SEO professionals can not only bring you higher search rankings but also be displayed in a way that prompt visitors to convert into clients.

Fully Managed can fully manage all aspects of your attorney website such as hosting, maintenance, content creation, and blog posts so you don’t have to lift a finger. knows that good attorney websites should generate new clients for the law firm. And to succeed, it is important to think of your attorney website as the center of a well-crafted marketing campaign. All aspects of the attorney website must be designed, structured and implemented in unison so you stand out in the competitive online marketplace. Regardless of the type of attorney marketing campaigns you are currently using in the Joliet and Chicago Illinois area, your law firm website should be the central hub of all other marketing efforts and referrals. These days most marketing efforts are a method to get potential leads to the website, where they will go to research who you are, and how your law firm might be a good fit for them. This is often where new clients are won.

Marketing your legal practice requires a special balance. You need to distinguish your company from law firms that look similar. You must meet clients’ expectations of credibility, trustworthiness and competence.

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the preferred method, many of our clients combine multiple marketing techniques. The most common type of marketing effort for any company to build their brand, get qualified leads to their website, create long term organic results is SEO marketing and link building campains. SEO marketing ties together social media marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC) all into a single marketing campaign.

Overall, any type of online marketing plan will benefit your company. can also assist with your internet marketing campaign and pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Need social media help? Setting up Google AdWords? Learning more about content marketing? Give us a call at 1-888-760-0878.